4 Weeks To Go

img{max-width:100%;}I’ve been away all week, I know I should have let all of you know. But since I missed classes last week due to inclement weather…I had to spend more time catching up.

But like I said, only one month left of this semester!

Today I spent this morning busy as a bee getting caught up in institutional lab. Then this afternoon I had two Math lectures combined into one of last week and this week.

Missing a day in college for whatever the reason is nerve-wracking I tell you.

I just realized that tomorrow is April 1st, which means it’s time to pick a new featured post. So far I can’t think of something good enough to put up. Maybe my story at Comic Con? You may have noticed how popular my Star Wars rant a few months ago has become, perhaps I could go with that too.

This morning my Twitter feed was flooded with stuff about Star Wars Rebels’ recent season finale, and I’m just here like: “I wanna watch but I can’t!” Perhaps I should wait for it to come on Netflix.

Until then, I’m going to get some well deserved rest. There’s a storm coming!


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