The Force Makes Me Feel Like a Dangerous Woman

Today was quite fun as the kitchen renovations continue to be in progress. They put the new flooring, and there’s nothing like working on your crash cart chart assignment while listening to the drilling and pop music downstairs.

I also have a Math test in two days that I’ve been practicing for, so to de-stress I took a trip to the mall since this is my day off.

I didn’t come back loaded, but I did return with two really nice grabs.

Yes I didn’t forget that The Force Awakens came out on DVD today. It’s so hard to find physical copies now with HMV going out of business and no Best Buy store in this town yet. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart first, because they sometimes have those promotional booths of new products, even movies, but they didn’t have it so I wandered into a small Best Buy mobile store. For the hell of it, I asked even though it was a store for electronic accessories and sure enough, they had one copy in the back! Yay!

The perfume bottle is Ariana Grande’s debut fragrance “Ari”, I told you that I like some pop artists did I? I try to keep an open mind with music as always, I’ve listened to some Disney soundtracks millions of times as a kid and they never get old. My all time favourite Disney song I think will always be “I’ll Make a Man out of You”. “Part of Your World” as well because it deserves to be mentioned too.
Anyway, I got into Ariana Grande after listening to Break Free, One Last Time, Focus, and Dangerous Woman and now I like her. I can’t help but notice she seems to like a bit of sci-fi, as I saw on Twitter she cropped herself onto Chewbacca, and posted Spock when Leonard Nimoy passed away. I love the smell of this fragrance, and the bottle is so cute, especially with the pom-pom. 
I had two of Avril Lavigne’s fragrances as she was an artist I grew up with, I’ve got Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck perfume which my mom gave to me in a giftbox set a few years ago. I love how it is called that name taken from her song Enchanted, which is my all time favourite Swift song (which I belted out nearly losing my voice when I saw her live long ago) from Speak Now, being my favourite album by her. Now that fragrance is her bestseller to this day.
I also have Katy Perry’s fragrance called the Mad Potion, and I just remember giving it a sniff when I got a sample; it was a sweet but not too strong of a scent, so I bought a bottle. I love it, so I’m definitely going to buy a bigger one next time.
Lo and behold, are you surprised I’m writing about this stuff?

That’s my little perfume section where I keep all my bottles. Most of the time, I put some on at bedtime. The Wonderstruck I’ve had for years and it’s only half full, but considering the fact that I love these perfumes, I’m cutting down to only one spray when I wanna wear em, so they last longer. 

Funny thing is with these perfumes, is I feel they sometimes all have the same scent because a lot of them take all these different scents and mix them together, I don’t know they just seem to smell the same in a lot of cases.

So there you have it, proof that there’s more to my music taste than just heavy metal + game/movie soundtracks in a flesh. 
Ariana’s song Dangerous Woman makes me think of Shan Yu, because…well he’s pretty much a warlord and loving someone like that can be thrilling, but risky. Gotta have a metal song and a pop song for each of my fictional crushes!
I also stopped at EB games to return something that I had played for years, but only the story mode. The problem is, every time I return a game I don’t know what to replace it with since the store uses a trading method. Then there’s that time of year where most games come out, lately these game stores are getting so many extra merch like funko pop figures, hell I almost bought a cute Kirby plush doll in there. I could have just put points on my Edge card to save for later, but I was desperate so I got an iTunes gift card instead.
Got home around 2 and did some more Math practice. My dad and I are definitely watching TFA this Friday, he and I seem to be the bigger Star Wars nerds in this house.

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