Why I’m Not A Huge Concert Goer

I love music, I really do. I love going to concerts and seeing my favourite bands, in fact I’ve got friends here and overseas that are just like me, however they go to way more concerts than I do. At one point, I was jealous about that, but I’m not anymore due to the fact that I’m at a stage in my life building a profession.

If there’s one thing I could never do, it’s go to a concert on a regular basis at a time where pursuing my career is way more important.

The last gig I went to was Tove Lo in Toronto with my mom, yes there is more to my music taste than just heavy metal. It was on a school day and luckily I didn’t have class until a quarter to 11 the following day. Maybe I’m just not as nocturnal as I used to be now.

I could never go to a concert on a Sunday night, even if it was a band I was dying to see, especially since not only would school be the next day, but most of my classes start at 8am and I like to get some rest, even if I don’t think I’ll get a lot of it.

I’m smart, and these days I don’t like to do too many major events when I’m seriously busy, or may not have enough money, but come the summer I’ll go to as many as I want if there’s any of them I’m interested in. Call me a schedule restricted person.

The other reason why I’m not huge into fitting them into my everyday life is I like to go with friends. I personally can’t understand people who choose to go to these things alone. I don’t define myself only as a Metalhead anymore like I used to when I started this blog, so perhaps that’s why I’m not always going to these things. It’s more fun to go with friends in my opinion. If you choose to go alone, that’s your choice, it’s just something I wouldn’t do. But I will say, did you ask anyone who wants to go with you? Take some wise advice from the third Didact: never assume everyone is busy and/or will say no. Just ask, worst case scenario is they say they can’t go.

That being said, I’m not concerned about my activity as a music lover as much as I used to, in the past I felt peer pressure to go to as many concerts as possible, but now that I’m older I realized that it’s not a mandatory thing to do to love my favourite genres as a fan.

Yeah, sometimes the atmosphere of concerts, is overwhelming for me: such as people drinking, smoking, talking to me about things that make me uncomfortable, and moshing. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t do any of those things, well because I don’t want to that’s why. I care about having fun but I also care about being safe. I’m not a huge risk taker at these events, and if anyone is going to say to me why I don’t relax by doing those things, well my way of relaxing is different than yours.

For example (not actually my bathtub by the way)

Money is also an issue, concerts are expensive! It really depends on who you’re going to see, and I try to stick with a budget as a college student, so I don’t want to spend more than $500 on any event. When I get a job, I’ll raise that limit. So, for now it looks like I’ll just stick to only spending on concerts if it’s someone I really want to see or see again. Give me two bands or artists, and I will certainly pick the one that I want to see the most, whether it’s the first time or the fifth time.

So, I still love concerts, I just don’t do them all the time. I’m one of those fans who likes to go if it’s a band that I really love or just got in to only at the moment. Everyone has their choices, and here’s mine.


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