Truth and Reconciliation

I’ve got bad news and more bad news coming, so prepare yourselves.

I’ll start off with the smaller before I go onto the bigger.

First off, I wrote almost a month ago that I was hyped that Frank Welker would be at this year’s TFCon in Toronto, I was ready to pull out my wallet to make a dream of meeting Lord Megatron come true.

Sadly, I was disappointed when the tickets went on sale last week. TFCon has become more demanding of money this year. Last year did not cost as much for VIP to meet Peter Cullen, but now it seems that for Frank, they’re asking me for twice the amount, plus the only way to get access to it, is if you buy a weekend pass.

Even Megatron himself doesn’t like that idea!

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Not everyone wants to book a room for the weekend, some of us are only coming for one day, and now we have to whip out an extra fifty dollars with our $175 for the VIP. Plus if I were to buy this, not just for myself, but for a friend of mine too, it would exceed the maximum amount of money I want to spend per month.

Sorry Megatron, I love you, you’re my favourite Decepticon warlord ever, but I can’t do this if TFCon wants to empty out my bank account. sobs into my pillow

Okay, enough of that, the other bad news is, you’re wondering, hey it’s Monday, where’s our featured song?? Well, finals start next week and this semester has been very difficult as you can tell from previous posts; you know I obviously want to pass, so starting tomorrow I’ll be finalizing my study plan and sticking to it. So yeah, unfortunately there will be no Metal Monday for the next two weeks. As for anything else major that I am planning to write, that will have to be put on hold too, if I want to survive the remainder of the semester. I had to take a break when midterms came too remember?
It’s likely I won’t be back here writing again on a regular basis until May, since I don’t finish exams until April 29th, and once they’re done, I’ve got some major cleaning in my room to do. You should see what my desk looks like right now!

However, don’t be too disappointed, because if something small comes up that I want to write about, like a dream, then you’ll hear from me in no time.

In the mean time, be sure to follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already, I’ll be on there a lot. I hope you had no trouble finding me again after my sudden domain change. As always, subscribe if you wish, and may the force be with all of us.


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