One Day More

Yep, finals start tomorrow….isn’t this exciting? I guess you could say it’s a relief because this semester is nearly a week away from finishing. First up: Hospital Practices and Pharmaceutics. FUN.

I try to look at it as something positive, even if I have trouble understanding concepts, oh well, don’t let your challenges stop you from reaching for the stars Emily.

Then on Friday is my online course’s final exam. Pros: I can write it in the comfort of my own home. Cons: It has to be done at a specific time, which is fucking 3:20pm.

Once this week is over, I have lab exams, ethics and math then we will be DONE! Yay! Just in time for the warmer weather to arrive, which I think came too late this year. I didn’t spend my whole weekend studying for Monday’s exam, had to help move a tree to the frontyard, finished the final chapter of Kel Dor and the Kaleesh, plus the ending song. Now I can start The Warlord’s Prize during my extended period off.

Oh, but even though I love writing, I do enjoy getting out and about when I’m between semesters for more than two weeks. I hope to either find a job, get another volunteer position at the hospital or somewhere else, so I’m at least doing something. So do me a favor fellow college buds, if you can’t find a job you should still find something to do that gets you out of the house!

Couldn’t have sang it better myself! Ah nothing like the night before finals *sigh*


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