Whispers of Freedom

Oh hello! It certainly has been a long time.

I’ve been really busy for the past several days, as I wrote my online exam on Friday afternoon. Spent that morning in the library studying and some quality time with my brother testing one another and Subway for lunch.

I’m just glad that exam is over, as that course is the most brutal when it comes to how much information is in there.

I have lab exams on the three days I’m at school this week, but the only thing I can really do about them is just go in and do my best on whatever they assign me to dispense. My ethics exam is not a huge concern since I’ve done well on everything else in the course……especially my weekly reflective journal entries. My prof. told me that they were exceptionally well done, and she loves how I was willing to share a personal experience in my last one, related to the presentations the 2nd year students did. She told me that writing is my strength when it comes to sending such messages, and it always has been. So won’t ever stop writing!

I had the opportunity to hang out with my friend who is also in the program, and meet her classmates at the social gathering with the 2nd years after the presentations, so it was good to see her again.

Right now, the only big concern I have for the remainder of finals is my Math exam. Pray to the old gods and new that I pass. I’ll give it everything I got, and put my writing on hold if necessary so I can study for it.

Speaking of which, Game of Thrones returns tonight so I’ve been doing a short marathon of the last season to prepare. I will write about my top 5 best and worst moments from the new season when it concludes; maybe I should do that for seasons 1 – 4 as well. Still waiting for the next book to come out as well now that I’m all caught up.

Finally, I published the prologue to The Warlord’s Prize on Friday, You can read what I’ve done so far here

I find that I write in first person better, and I’m more likely to be go into detail and write more efficiently if I also spend some time reading whatever book I’m on.

As you might expect, 4-month freedom is almost here, and I feel it is well deserved because of all the hard work I’ve been doing in college for the past eight months. Just one more week to go.

Due to the high amount of work I’m going to have to do this week, there won’t be any Metal Monday tomorrow, but you’ll hear from me again as soon as exams are done.


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