Take Me and Fly

Today was exhausting, because I was running all around town trying to get some shit done. As soon as I woke up, I started by cleaning up my notes and putting them away in binders for later reference.

Then I got out into town to do what I hoped would be some early birthday shopping, and unfortunately, I only came back home with one thing.

It started with the game store, and I wanted a third female Funko to complete, and what better to do with a special one?

Cute little Dany on Drogon; it’ll make a nice little paper weight on my desk. I now have a Funko of her, Mulan, Katniss Everdeen, Garrus, Optimus, and Thor. I think that’ll be good enough.
I also went to the book store in hopes of finding a book on Attila the Hun. Thanks to my childhood love for Shan Yu, it has inspired me to learn more about Attila as he was one of the influences that made Disney create a villain like Shan Yu. However, Chapters only had one book that was supposed to be about him. When I found that book, I could tell just by reading a few pages that it was about retrieving Attila’s sacred sword, not about Attila himself. Huge rip-off.
Finally, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have a soft spot for Beanie Boos. As a kid, I had a bin full of Beanie Babies in my closet, Then a couple of years ago I started seeing Beanie Boos in promotional stands in the store. They are fucking adorable with their cute big beady eyes and shit, god I just love them. I would buy one of them, just one and for some reason, I didn’t find the one that appealed to me the most until now.
I was on my way home from the local hospital a month ago. I stopped in the dollar store while waiting for the next bus, and I saw a rack of Beanie Boos by the entrance. I looked at all of their tags to learn what their names were and when their birthdays were. Then one I saw, I thought it was very cute: Just a simple pink barn owl named Pinky, and her motto (I assume it’s a girl) on her tag was: If you look up in the night sky. You just may see me flying by!”

I don’t know, but something about that cute little pink owl just makes me unable to resist her, I want to bring her home. I remember when I went to Wonderland and saw those baby dragon plushies in one of the gift shops. Despite how expensive food & merchandise is there, I saw a bright blue baby dragon with pink wings and blue spikes, and I fell in love with it.

This could be the same situation for sure, so right now my heart is deciding to buy. Last time I bought a plushie on my birthday, it was of Gene Simmons, but when it arrived in the mail, it wasn’t as cute as I thought, and it was a lot smaller than I expected so I gave it away. Luckily, Ty offers these cuties in different sizes so we’ll see where this goes. I’m thinking about going with a medium one.

I love owls and dragons so much.


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