I left one of my Mass Effect playthroughs on hold for a long while due to being occupied with college.

Today, I decided to get it back on track and left off at the Citadel after my Femshep went on a date with Garrus at the top of the Presidium.

I could write an entire paragraph about how much I love that scene with my sweet Archangel, but I probably won’t due to my hysterical swooning whenever I watch it happen. I still desire to do game reviews of the trilogy, but due to the fact that they are so detailed in story, it might take more than three entries to do so!

Anyway, after that, I proceeded to start the end of the Quarian/Geth War. I don’t know why, but the dreadnought level has always been my least favourite level in the third game.

I dread you dreadnought

When I was still getting the hang of gameplay, I would frequently struggle with detecting the geth hunters. They were so much easier to spot invisible in Mass Effect 2. Plus you have to be really quick when you tread through the main battery; thank the damn shockwave, it’s a long level that’s for sure. I think out of all the priority missions, (excluding Cerberus HQ and Earth) it is the longest.

Personally, I think walking through that tube at the beginning is a waste of time. I’d rather have a cutscene of it instead, but that’s just me.

Sometimes I wish I could make a run for it to the geth fighters without being knocked over due to the Quarian fleet attacking it, but that never happens. Despite not being a huge fan of this level, it contains that geth pulse rifle, one of my favourite assault rifles in the game. I love my plasma. I usually stick to using that weapon until I can get that M-7 Lancer in the Citadel DLC to replace it.

Not saying it’s a bad level, it and the missions to follow on Rannoch, I’m just not as engaged with them as I am with what happens on Tuchanka.

I’m not a huge fan of the geth except for Legion, so don’t be surprised if I tell you I chose the destruction ending in the game.

I only have basic knowledge about the lore so I can’t really rant much about it, remind me to dig deeper okay?


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