Escape from the Bell Tower

Dreams often motivate me to expand my horizons sometimes, and this one definitely did.

Two nights ago, it took place in Paris, I was living in the bell tower near the harbor, and I was the daughter of the owner.

I had a small window in my room and would gaze out towards the city and the sea constantly but the guards would never allow me to leave. I only saw my father once a week. He was constantly praying to the gods, lighting candles for them, etc. He was the archdeacon there, and would use his amount of power to be rid of people he didn’t like, like gypsies.

Wait a minute, this sounds familiar doesn’t it? I haven’t seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame yet but this dream makes me want to watch it now. So it’s safe to say that this religious radical man who is supposed to be my father in this dream was Frollo.

If Game of Thrones wasn’t on tonight, I’d watch that movie, but now it’s on my to-do list this week.

Whenever he did come to my chamber he would be very manipulative, saying that this is where I would belong forever, the city would be stripped of anything and anyone that he was against. Mostly he spoke of the gypsies; how he wanted all of them to burn in hell, and then he said a gypsy woman was going to be my mother someday, he would claim her otherwise she would burn as well.

What are you looking at?

From what I understand about Frollo, is he is very manipulative, corrupt, and has a strong lust for Esmeralda. He’s also a big religious fanatic, or so I’ve heard. Like I said, I need to watch the movie to find out more, but he sounds like another dark Disney villain who knows what he wants, only his main focus appears to be lust and to get rid of the gypsies instead.

I liked the gypsies. I would stare down from the tower of the church and watch them sing, dance and sell jewelry in the streets, they were very friendly and it was ridiculous that he thought they were witches and warlocks putting curses on us.

Frollo also told me if I left the tower, no one would accept me, and I would be shunned as a poor little girl (maybe I was a child in the dream, I’ve had some dreams where my age is reduced), and street urchin.

In this dream I felt like I was in Quasimodo’s shoes, how he Frollo manipulated him to believe that he would be shunned by others if he left the bell tower because of how deformed he was. Now I probably should make a prediction, but I don’t want to spoil it for myself, so I’ll just watch the movie and find out later.

After being in the tower for too long, I picked the lock to the door with a bobby pin at night, sneaked down the stairs, past Frollo’s room (and he was too busy praying to notice), and then the dream took a sudden shift where I saw my only exit, a group of large windows on the other side of the chasm on the church’s central level, but there were so many guards nearby. I knew it was my only way out because Frollo had ears like a bat, if I tried to go out the front door, he would hear it open. I ran towards the chasm and suddenly I floated off the ground. Great, that makes the dream even better once I am able to fly!

I soared across the chasm, and the guards tried to grab me as I went out one of the windows but they were unsuccessful. As I flew outside and started to ascend, they tried to shoot me down with crossbow bolts, but none prevailed.

I went up higher and higher until I flew over the large lighthouse in the harbor that was at at the edge of the wide river leading out into the ocean.

I can just imagine Frollo discovering I had escaped, he runs to the windows and curses at me that I would burn in hell for leaving him.

Pretty dark dream, but it could have been worse I tell you.


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