Thoughts that Count

Well, today is my birthday, you don’t get older, you get wiser.

I went for a long walk around the river, and my mom took me out to buy a FitBit like the one she has, so that’s one present for you. I think this’ll be something more worth my time in the long run than that pink owl plushy I was fawning over several days ago. I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted it or not, and after I saw it in the store on my way home yesterday, I changed my mind.

I think I ate too much for dinner and the most common cakes we get for birthdays at my house are ones from Baskin Robbins. Of course, no birthday is complete without a cake. I love ice cream cakes just as much as regular baked cakes. My neighbor always makes us these delicious spider-web shaped cookies on my birthday and my brother’s. Then she gives us a whole plate of them. I can’t get enough of those cookies.

So I didn’t get much for my birthday this year, but I’m planning to celebrate the other portion of it with my friends next week, and hopefully my mom wants to go shopping tomorrow.

For now I think I’ll just daydream of being taken into the mountains by this mofo:

Courtesy of +Ben Van Riper 

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