Stratosphere (Curiosity Will Never Let Me Go)

In some of my dreams, I fly only several kilometers from the ground, but in others, I go higher, sometimes almost into space it seems.

Well, today’s a double dream entry day, so here’s the second one. Probably not as good as the other but since this one was last night I remember it much better. I woke up at 5am with a terrible ache and after I fell asleep when it started to go away, I felt extremely refreshed once the dream was over.

This one was very unusual, like it was first about one thing, and then another. Have you ever had a dream that takes place somewhere that you’ve been in real life, but in the dream, everything about that place is different; like the building is bigger, it’s got abnormal things like in real life it’s supposed to be your house, but in the dream it’s got a public playground attached to it?

That’s what happened in this dream. It started with me sitting on the swings in the closest public park from my house. I watched all the children at play until their parents came to tell them it was time to go home. Most of them began to argue that they wanted to stay longer, even just for a few minutes, but they were forced to give in.

I watched them leave and then I got a phone call that it was time to go home, but I didn’t want to go home, I wanted to be free to do what I want. So I ran away, I ran through the park and then suddenly kicked myself off the ground and I was flying towards my home.

In this dream, my house looked similar to the way it looks in real life, but instead there was all this stuff that was part of it. A deep ditch that had little shops with awnings and a big playground. I started flying towards it. Going through it was the only way to be free, as whenever I fly in my dreams, I try to get up higher, and I find that easier to do when I have the open sky above me. In this case there were too many trees and shit for me to ascend successfully.

I started flying through the markets and they were empty, but someone inside the house noticed me, and they came outside to try and get me to come back in. I ignored them and kept flying faster, then they were following me. I came into the large playground that had posts dug deep into the ground, and for some silly reason in this part of the dream: I started singing “Curiosity” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Oh, were you expecting “Call Me Maybe”? Well, don’t get me wrong, Curiosity is not a bad song and I have sang it a few times when it gets in my head. I would have preferred to sing Carolus Rex, but singing that fits better when I’m flying up high almost in the stratosphere.

The person didn’t give up trying to catch me as I flew into a red tunnel and then found myself flying downward into darkness. That’s when I thought that I was going to wake up, until the light came and I was flying through a large department store. I had lost my pursuer but everyone was watching me as I went through the automatic doors still singing that song and there I was, in the parking lot below open sky. The sun was starting to set, and that was my chance

Without hesitating, I flew upward until I was over the clouds, and I didn’t stop. I went over another layer of clouds and then another until I was in the stratosphere. I didn’t want anyone to reach me, and as I went forward, I began to wonder if whoever that was trying to catch me would send choppers, so I went up higher into the mesosphere.

I have never gone this high in my flying dreams before. I have gone into the stratosphere before but usually the highest I go is the lower part of it: between the ozone layer, and the top of the troposphere. (I’m sorry, I’m using geeky words here). I didn’t stop, I kept going up until I hit the thermosphere and you could say by now that I was in outer space and then I was floating away from Earth feeling free.

That’s right, that high up.

I closed my eyes and waited for that alien spaceship….whatever it was, to come and rescue me from the society I had escaped for good, but then I woke up at that moment. 

So why would I call this entry stratosphere if I flew up beyond that layer of the Earth’s atmosphere? I don’t know, it just sounded better in the title than thermosphere so there. 
Well that was the second dream that I wrote about today, and may there be many more to come.

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