Presume the Right Intent

With the media once again blowing up that Gene Simmons has opened his mouth once again, people are reacting negatively to what he says.

It’s time for me to rant as well, and as usual, the continuous problem people seem to have, is that they are blinded by the first words they see written there that belong to him, or they are victims of what he is speaking up against. Take a moment before you go any further in this post to think about what it is that he is morally opposed to. It could remind you about why he spoke up.

The media has a habit of twisting Gene’s words, as I have said. With news sparking up of the recent death of Prince, an artist that my parents grew up with, Gene has felt the need to speak up what he thinks of the situation. Sometimes I don’t know what’s better, if the media stops questioning him about these things, or he refuses to participate for the better. But neither of that happens, as a result, once the article runs. The media makes the title appear to be as if Gene decided today was a good day to talk shit, and everyone reacts poorly to it.

But as I have said before when Gene made his statement of depression: Did you bother to actually read the article and understand what he means instead of jumping to conclusion that he’s being and egoistic asshole?

The hardest part about looking up to this man because of his intelligence, talent, honesty, and positive approach towards life, is that twist of words and people start talking shit.

So, what is it this time? Well, Gene recently called Prince’s death in an interview was pathetic. Prince has a large fanbase so it’s no wonder people got upset before stopping to think why Gene said what he said.

Eventually it was revealed on Rolling Stone that Gene apologized for his words. I read both articles thoroughly of when he made that “pathetic” statement and when he apologized. He’s always had a habit of opening his mouth before stopping to think about how others would feel and interpret it. Gene is notorious for putting himself before others as well as speaking his mind. I admire him for not being afraid to tell the truth and share strong opinions. But, one thing that people like him, and even myself as well have to learn….is that not everything should be shared.

According to the obituaries, and the press: It was revealed that Prince was battling addiction to narcotics which resulted in his death at age 57. They are highly addictive, whatever you’re taking them for, and knowing Gene, he has been strongly opposed to the usage of drugs and alcohol no matter the purpose. (assuming that taking prescription drugs to relieve symptoms of your condition and you are not dependent on them is an exception).

From his standpoint, I can understand why he is morally opposed to being drunk or high. He believed that such things like that can throw away your focus, and he has a history of dealing with people in his youth who were addicted to such things. Ace Frehley was an alcoholic back in the day; although he played guitar great back then, he was still relying on booze all the time, and sometimes it would make him less committed to being in KISS. While Peter Criss did drugs, and sometimes they were the cause of his meltdowns during the reunion tour.

Perhaps it’s safe to say that Gene believes that drugs and alcohol can mess you up, and interfere with your career. Think about it, if you spent your weekend drinking a lot of booze and then came to work on Monday hung over, would your boss let you off? Probably not, your professional judgement would certainly be questioned by your colleagues and customers.

People will often argue placing Gene’s sex addiction in the situation. I’ll probably never understand why he chose to do that in his youth. It just goes and shows you that when you deeply value something you agree or disagree with, people take it personally.

I am morally opposed to smoking pot for recreational purposes. I can’t say anything about it without people clawing my back for it; which is probably because they are addicted to it, or they want to try it, but I still stand by my words. I can’t stand it when people smoke around me, it doesn’t matter if it’s tobacco or marijuana, the only thing I want to inhale is oxygen.

It’s understandable that when Gene apologized, it is because his history with dealing with booze/drug addicts. However, I don’t think it should be used as an excuse completely, because one of these days that’s not going to work on anyone anymore.

We all have our deep beliefs, and this is his.

So this brings me to the statement that, once again nobody bothers to interpret what Gene is saying. Before he apologized, I read the article and found out that he disrespected it because he believes drinking and getting high can slowly kill you (which is true if you do it too often), and there are other things to do to help you relax and not affect your career. That I do agree with. Same situation happened with his statement on depression, I read it over and realized he was talking about people who pretend they’re depressed vs. people who are diagnosed with clinical depression. BIG DIFFERENCE.

What he means by it being pathetic is, you have a choice, you can choose to fight your drug/alcohol addiction, or let it kill you. Not saying Prince didn’t choose to fight it, I truly believe he was trying to stop, and I may not have been a huge fan of his music, but I do respect him.

Just so you know, I’m not the type of KISS fan who agrees with everything Gene says just because he’s my favourite member in the band. He has said some things that I disagree with, I just choose not to make a mountain out of a molehill over it, even if I disagreed with something he said because it’s about something I deeply value.

You Prince fans out there, and the rest of society have a choice as well. Ignore him, or better yet, try to understand what he means before you start talking shit. Maybe he doesn’t mean to be negative completely, perhaps instead he means to show concern for people who have chosen or died from such addictions instead. Don’t think it’s always something negative from him that gives you the sign that it’s time to be a hater, because if you think being nasty is going to solve anything, it’s not.

Rant over, ciao.


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