Little Town of Humanoid Fauna

I was never a huge fan of bugs, especially big ones, but if they’re worth a lot of money, then why not?

This my friends, is a common thing that Animal Crossing players suffer from. I do play those games and it looks like my addiction to them has resurfaced once again.

I might as well get in to the story, because I’m sure gamers here and there are guilty of playing these games non-stop. They’re like simulation, like those addictive mobile games, but these ones last you much longer, and you don’t need to pay real money to get the better items.

It may seem juvenile at first, but believe me, once you get in to it, you’ll realize how fun it is no matter your age.
I remember it started when I went over to my friend’s house and we were chilling in her bedroom. She introduced me to the game, I watched her make a new town and character. After a few hours I decided I wanted to give it a try. It just seemed like such a laid back game with no real objectives, you just screw around, collect/sell stuff and talk to residents. As you keep playing, things like your house and the store will gradually get better over time.
I first bought Animal Crossing Wild World, and I played it for hours upon hours on a daily basis. Mainly I would play daily because I wanted to see what was in stock at the stores. I was also desperate to make the general store bigger, make my own house bigger, and participate in events. I would talk to everyone everyday and they all liked me, especially when I did errands for them. It was addictive as hell, and I found myself catching bugs and fish to make the most money, but not without donating it to the museum first! I remember starting it in the fall and by the time I got to summer I started making a fortune during the time I played at night when rare beetles came onto the palm trees. I used that to my advantage to pay off the final loan on my house and buy a crown that cost a whopping 1M Bells (the currency in the game).
Residents came and went as they liked, and whenever I walked into their houses to see all their stuff packed in boxes, I would keep persuading them to stay until they gave in. Sometimes if I stopped playing for a week or two, one of them would move out without my knowledge and leave behind a letter. 
What also sucked is I could not make the general store expand to the final dept. store until I made another player visit my town and buy something from it. So you can imagine I was without that for months and my character had a weird hairdo: pink with three pigtails.
After that, I started playing Animal Crossing City Folk on my Wii. Things started to get better, residents were staying longer, they would inform me if they wanted to move, I got the store to its final expansion and I would spend hours fishing to make enough money so I could buy expensive furniture from Gracie’s boutique in the city. It’s kind of weird how the bus to the city looks like a school bus, and when the bus drives away, it looks like it’s going into the river in the direction it goes when it leaves my town!
I couldn’t commit to City Folk as much as I could with Wild World due to the Wii being on a shared TV. So whenever I wanted to play on Saturday after 8pm to see K.K. Slider at the Roost so I could get some new music from him: That task was almost impossible because there was a 95% chance a game of some sort would be on. I hate sports, I’ve got better things to watch and play and always will.
In New Leaf I will always enjoy his acoustic shows more than the disco night

It also upset me because the store was capable of downgrading in City Folk, and would often happen if I stopped playing for several months. I think I remember that survey Tom Nook wanted me to do before I took a long break from the game….shit, okay that’s the cause. Like, there was a time I got it to expand to the dept. store, did a survey from Tom Nook, took a long break from the game, and when I got back…..the store had downgraded to the second expansion which looks like those small convenience stores you see at a gas station.

Now I am currently playing New Leaf on my 3DS, which I got for Christmas 2013, one of the first 3DS games I owned and the only one that I have kept ever since. I like how there has been an improvement in clothing such as dresses, pants skirts and different sleeves. I’ve been playing that game on and off over the past two years, and one thing that I kind of regret is letting some of the first residents leave early when I actually liked them. 
For example: Rhonda
One of the first residents in my NL game, I liked her right away because she was super friendly and she’s a rhino. I love rhinos, and then she was one of the first to move out of my town. But, what’s great when villagers leave is that eventually you’ll see them wandering around your main street months later. I’m still waiting for some of the villagers that have moved out, to return to the shopping district. One of them was a lion named Mott and I was surprised he was there. I don’t even remember him living in my town!
One villager that I remember I was also very attached to in WW and CF was Dizzy the elephant, who had the lazy personality, and I love elephants too. I have a baby elephant plushie with big beads inside it that I got for my 2nd birthday and it still sits in a basket on my dresser. My brother hated Dizzy though; he was playing City Folk when we had it and failed to realize that other villagers would move in that had the same personality as Dizzy. I can’t wait until he moves into my town in New Leaf.
I would also get along with the cranky villagers as well, they may act tough, but once you talk to them regularly, they start to warm up to you. Honorable mentions to the ones I befriended and liked the most: Chief, Hopper, Octavian and Static.
I love how you can be the mayor of your town and make things however you like. Tortimer was lazy anyway, I am the type of mayor who gets things done!……what? No I am not going to run for mayor in real life, politics aren’t for me!

But yeah, ever since I started playing again after finals, I’ve been focusing on making my town look better. I’ve seen some of the designs other players have done with there’s makes my town look like just a settlement. What do they call that?….oh yeah, a hamlet.
So the key is more public works projects, plant trees and bushes, and keep the town looking beautiful. You have the option to have at least one law in effect, and I think everyone wants to go with the Bell Boom, because it’ll get you more money. I am a preacher of a better environment so I do the same thing in video games! Lemme tell ya, I’ve got through paying off my house’s mortgage many times without ratifying the Bell Boom law, so my town is chock full of flowers, trees and bushes. Isabelle tells me that the citizens say it is the best town ever. Gotta make sure it remains that way for fifteen consecutive days, and if it does, I’ll get a golden watering can.
My spiel on Animal Crossing in a nutshell concludes here. What I suggest is that when it comes to buying furniture, they make them more interactive. For example if you bought a shower stall, at least allow the player to actually use it to take a shower. It would kind of make it more like the Sims, but don’t implement everything, because we would then be spending less time making Bells, and more time maintaining a good mood!
Signing off.

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