Just Me and My Xenomorph (Or Not)

I haven’t had a nightmare about one of those creatures in a long time, in fact, not since I watched the first Alien movie for the first time.

Time for me to introduce another sci-fi universe that I love and want to learn more about.

I think I first came across the trailer of Alien vs. Predator a few years back before pursuing the Alien trilogy. You know me, I love my aliens, no matter how vicious they get.

The first movie, I feel like I want to watch it again after that dream. The first time you see it, it seems scary, but afterwards, it’s not really anymore, but never gets old.

They call em Facehuggers and I often just refer to what comes out of the egg as just a parasite instead of that. Then they call the baby Xenomorphs Chestbursters, but I just call them…..well what would be another name for them? Maybe larvae since they look just like caterpillar once they pop out of a person’s chest. (like a daisy!!!)

Alright, I’ll save my thoughts on the movies for another post, time to talk about the dream.

The dream definitely reminds me of what happened in the first Alien movie. I wish I could have been more like Ripley in this dream, but I wasn’t unfortunately.

I was on board a small medical space station working in the labs. One of my ideal careers, just in space this time, which would be even more awesome. That was when two other staff members came into the room carrying a middle-aged man with a parasite attached to his face. The doctors failed to remove it, and after several hours, it detached and I examined it in the lab. At first, everything seemed fine until while I was still analyzing the parasite, the patient was in the other room recovering, until he started coughing and shaking uncontrollably, and then a small alien larvae burst from his chest killing him. I went into the room to try and catch it, but the creature slithered away.

I called security and told them to watch out for the creature, But no one prevailed in catching it, Soon the whole station went dark and I felt like no one reported back to one another.

Then, a few hours later, my lab went dark, and I heard the sound of crawling in the vents. I hid inside one of the empty lockers and suddenly there was hissing from outside.

Still the most terrifying aliens out there

A fully grown Xenomorph roaming around the facility. Damn those things grow up really fast! It walked closer and into the room I was in. I held my breath praying it won’t know I’m there. (they look like they are blind and if that’s the case, then they must have a strong hearing and sense of smell.)

If it wouldn’t kill me, then it would most likely drag me down to the nest on the lowest level of the station to be a host for another parasite. 
I waited as it looked around the room and then left, and then I climbed out and made my way towards the exit quietly. When I got down to the main lobby of the medical facility, I saw countless dead bodies everywhere, and this is a small station so I don’t think it would take long for that Xenomorph to wipe out just about everyone else there.
There was no sign of it at first, and I was afraid to go any further. If I tried to run if it saw me, it would catch up very quickly and impale me from behind from its tale. I’ve seen Alien Isolation players make that mistake and end up getting killed by the alien that way. 
So, it was safe to say, it was just myself and the alien left on the station. I had nothing to defend myself with at first, and I know these things hate fire, but none of the guards carried flamethrowers. I was trapped, and on the docks the station had no places for spacewalking, so it’s no wonder there were no spacesuits available to me. So, I figured the only thing I could really do is take what there was and blow up the station from its reactor where the nest was. 
I salvaged grenades and a guard’s rifle and went down to the lowest level of the ship. There were webs and eggs down there, not enough light. I was on high alert as I walked through the tunnel and then my rifle got caught in a web and the Xenomorph came out once again and knocked me over. 
As it stood over me hissing angrily, I closed my eyes and waited for my fate.
That’s when I woke up. I wish I had dreams about these aliens more often, even if they do end horribly like that. There’s something about them that makes a nightmare like that thrilling.
I watched the first movie this morning with breakfast, and now I think I’ll watch the rest of the trilogy. The first two were great, and the third one was meh….but still, maybe I will consider doing a trilogy review when I’m done that.

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