Tanks For The Memories

I absolutely love having dreams about my favourite bands. Funny thing is that, most of them are about bands that I am either dying to see live, or see again.I don't have enough dreams in general about the bands I love, to be honest. The KISS dreams were hilarious like the time the band was… Continue reading Tanks For The Memories


Mass Effect 2: True Fate of the Protheans

And now, we are on to Mass Effect 2. This one I felt like I had to be even more broad with my thoughts due to the fact that I absolutely love the story line in the second game. It's still popular among fans, a favorite out of most, I cannot choose this over the… Continue reading Mass Effect 2: True Fate of the Protheans


Escape From Reality…..It Just Got Harder

I've always relied on the Internet and video games to escape reality for a couple of hours, but now I feel like with social media it's nearly impossible. I've uninstalled Twitter and Facebook (the only remaining social platforms I use ever since I quit Instagram), from my phone, because I feel like everything I see… Continue reading Escape From Reality…..It Just Got Harder


All Aboard the Normandy

Tentatively excited. Good evening primitives, I have great news to announce. With enthusiasm. I've been binge playing Mass Effect since mid-May and I mentioned earlier this year, that I wanted to share my thoughts on the trilogy.¬†Ah, talking like an elcor never gets old.Now that I have more time to pursue big writing projects: This'll… Continue reading All Aboard the Normandy