Make Fire Melt the Iron

We’re more than halfway into season 6 of Game of Thrones, and already I’ve got characters that I want to rot in a bloody pit of hell(horror)

Yep, we won’t be able to go through any season, without encountering someone or something that makes us angry. When I was a kid I used to watch some cartoons, and I had such a sensitive soul, I didn’t want anything to happen that I didn’t like, otherwise I would yell at the screen.

Don’t worry, I don’t do that anymore, but sometimes the urge still rises in me.

A few minor spoilers are ahead, but I will not reveal too much until the end of the season where I pick my best and worst moments.

I am so sick and tired of all these cock jokes and gang rape threats. I don’t care if this is the Middle Ages, it really gets on my nerves, so at least Daenerys was able to get out of it when in Dosh Khaleen, and has her own way of rejecting such threats, just not with words.

I don’t know, there’s just a thing I hate about jokes and lines like that in shows and books, and I don’t need to be a survivor of rape or abuse to say that I hate it. But mark my words, remember what happened to Sansa last year? I actually saw rants from women on the Internet that claimed to be rape survivors and were appalled about such a scene. Hey, I hated it too, but I’m not going to demand it be changed, no matter how much I hate it!

But it was Euron who really pissed me off, how he said he was going to find Dany and mentioned something about his cock, *sigh* this is not how it went in the books. Dany will never spread her legs for you you iron scum! Let the dragons melt all that makes you Ironborn until there is nothing left! Isn’t she like, infertile after what Mirri Maz Duur did? If yes, so there.

Some fans have even started comparing him to Donald Trump, don’t get me started on politics, but I see why some have started that one up.

I hope he dies, the waif too, I can’t stand her either. She’s constantly beating the crap out of Arya who’s trying really hard to become one of them. But after the last episode, it’s safe to say how flawed the Faceless Men are, why they don’t let many into their guild. Some just can’t discard their identity like that.

Well, that was a short rant, but I find myself running out of ideas of what to write about, and I wanna keep myself busy with this until then. Looking forward to the next episode, and when the season’s over, then I’ll go into deeper detail with my thoughts on it.


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