Taste a Morning Out There

After having that dream of being trapped in the Notre Dame cathedral…more notably the bell tower….I finally got around to watching the movie. I was pretty satisfied with what I saw.

The movie reminds me a lot about how I was always trying to be accepted into society, even though I don’t really care about that anymore. It’s also about diversity, we shouldn’t just dismiss someone just because they have a deformed appearance or are part of a race or faction that does things that may seem….unusual, like what gypsies do.

You can tell right away that it’s about Quasimodo wanting to get out into the world

He may be deformed, but he has a huge heart

Like I said, I felt like I was in his shoes, when I had that dream being trapped up there ringing the bells twice a day. Only difference I was not deformed (obviously), and I was Frollo’s daughter, as creepy as that can be, but the dream still had plenty of similarities to the movie.

And Esmeralda, she’s another strong woman in Disney, it was sad when she broke Quasimodo’s heart, but I had a funny feeling she wasn’t interested in him that way. Not because of his appearance, but maybe she just wanted someone else. I don’t blame her, sometimes we just don’t have a particular reason.
But I swear it on the Mantle, Frollo is a creepy villain, a religious radical, corrupt, and racist so to speak. He is a dark villain like Shan Yu, but one who handles things differently when he wants to be ruthless. Example: burning someone alive if they don’t agree to be his. 
I think my favourite part would have to be when Quasimodo gets the guts to go join the festival and gets caught in the middle it…..only to be humiliated at the end, poor guy.
“A lesson, needs to be learned” That line though, that was a good line considering the fact that Frollo made the decision to watch his “son” get in trouble rather than pull him out of the crowd to teach him right from wrong. Just shows how cruel he can be to watch Quasimodo suffer. My friend is constantly quoting Frollo and making attempts at singing Hellfire, which I think is just as dark as Be Prepared when it comes to Disney villain songs. 
I too would like a bunch of stone gargoyles to talk to if I was living up in Notre Dame’s bell tower all day. 
I almost had a nostalgia attack during the final conflict in this movie, because they decided to add a Wizard of Oz reference! Well played, very well played even though there are already a ton of those in other movies and TV shows, it just depends on you execute them.
Overall, funny movie with a great message behind it, and that’s everyone is different. We shouldn’t turn someone away or be possessive of them because of what makes them different. Do you agree with that message?
A in my books. What did you think of this movie when you saw it back in the day?

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