Purrfect Scents

With boredom. I am trying really hard to find things to blog about. With sincere frustration, but since the semester has ended, I feel like my writing has deteriorated, or I can’t think of any good things to post.

Hahaha, sorry I just felt like introducing this post by talking like an elcor! I’ve been playing Mass Effect too much today! Did missions Thessia, Sanctuary, and Leviathan DLC while scanning for war assets in between for the bazillionth time. Oh, there’s something to write about! Reviews of each of the games and analysis of the DLCs! Go write that down in your notebook as a reminder Emily, you’ll need it later!

Before I went out to cut the grass this afternoon, I stopped to think about how I was running out of room on my bed-side table where I keep all my fragrances, and I sometimes want to clean things up on there so it’s not so cluttered, but without being wasteful. After years and years of wearing my Wonderstruck perfume, it finally emptied its way out of my room. I’ll miss it, but it’s a bestseller so I can always buy it again.

These things are damn expensive due to the look of the bottle, so you may spend $60 on one of them, but find that once you have it, you don’t even like the smell. That’s why samples exist people!

So, a few weeks ago I picked up two new perfume grabs at the drugstore, and for a pretty decent price too, they’re both by Katy Perry, and they were on sale. ON SALE. Since when is perfume on sale? They were her first two creations in making fragrances I believe.

The purple one is called Purr, and the pink one is called Meow. Now you know that she’s a cat person like. By the gods there aren’t enough cat-lovers when it comes to celebrities that are global sensations, rock stars, metal, or still unknown to us.

So at least we have stars like Katy, Taylor, Tommy Thayer, oh, and how could I forget about Stu Block? He loves cats! While I was still on Instagram, I followed him and he would always post his cat! Aww Stucifer!

Purr has a stronger scent to it, so I often save it for bedtime, while Meow is sweeter. They’re both nice, but I think I like Meow a little better.

I think I’ve spent a lot on fragrances lately, but it’s nothing compared to one thing I’m guilty of spending my money on the most! Hint, future post in progress and it’s girlie stuff, but at the same time it’s also nerdy and metal too combined so look out for that!


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