Closer to the True Form

I think every time I fly in my dreams, I get closer to the ideal identity I want in the general fantasy universe. Last night was definitely a sign of it.

My brain just knows how I want to fly and that with those dragon wings is #1 on my list. Sure, I can name other ways I want to fly, such as riding on a dragon’s back, flying a starship or a little speeder, jet pack (and I’m talking one that can actually make you fly, not ones that you can just use to jump really high), or just without anything…..or how about pixie dust?

Okay, enough with that, so this dream was rather weird, mixed up with different locations and I was just trying to get away from everything and everyone.

It started with a small cottage in the middle of a forest that reminded me of the park near my house as it has lots of trees. It was on a slope and there was a recent snowfall, I was spending two weeks there with a group of friends who invited me. But the truth I learned, was that they were not really my friends, they didn’t talk to me, and all they wanted to do was play games that I didn’t enjoy. Most of those games were sports.

I don’t like sports, well at least that is watching or playing them. Depends really, swimming is a sport and I enjoy doing that, but in this situation, I’m talking soccer, hockey and stuff like that.

That was all those people wanted to do all day, and at night, the guys would watch the games and drink beer, while the girls would gossip about typical shit like celebrity news, boy problems, fashion etc. By reading this you can come to the conclusion that none of that is for me. I had to get out, once again, but it was difficult because the owner’s daughter was snobby and wanted to get anyone who was different to become like her, that was her plan: “To make a woman out of me”. Bull. Shit. I am a woman, just not the type of woman you want me to. Selfish little brat I tell ya. Well, so far she wasn’t very successful.

So, late at night while they were asleep at 3am. I snuck outside and something glowed around my neck, a pendant with a dragon engraving on it. Then I transformed into that form once again that I always have as a dragon master. I started running down the hill and kicked my feet off the ground as my wings spread and just as I started to ascend, I heard people outside. What would they be doing out at this late hour, early morning soccer game? That would be ridiculous. I flew upward and hid inside one of the trees folding my wings so they wouldn’t get caught on anything.

But after a long time, they wouldn’t leave, so I came out of the tree and quickly flew across the lake. I heard shouts but I didn’t care and kept going. I was desperate to get higher, but in this dream, I felt more free the further I went.

I made it across the lake to a city that was a combination of different cities in the real world. There was a bridge like the one in San Francisco, and then trains like you see in Britain. As I flew through the town, I heard high-pitched barking. It was a small white bichon following me from down below. It belonged to that snobby girl who was the daughter of the cottage owner. I’m not much of a dog person, but I do like a few dog breeds, including that one. I longed to kill it so it would avoid bringing its owner to find me. But back at that cottage, I had an attachment to it, it was the only one I could hang out with, and get away with being myself around. So I spared it, and flew over the bridge and out onto what appeared to be a massive ocean.

I flew for a long time across it, and there were several islands nearby, and it only gets better because this is where my powers start to come into play. On one of the larger islands was a massive wall maze and as I flew towards it, I saw something reaching for me angrily, it was just a speck from how high I was, but then when I inhaled and exhaled: flame burst from my mouth and burned the target to cinders before I could identify what it was.

A group of girls chased me from the ground into the maze, and as I entered, I extended single gold wrist blades and cut my way through a weak cracked wall to lose them.

After that, that’s all I remember, but it was a pretty lengthy dream. I hope this is taken to the next level like the one I had with Naga appearing. That would be perfect if I would get to fight him!


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