Free Traveling

I’ve got bags under my eyes from last night, and I can’t tell you how tired I am of falling asleep, and then waking up at 3am. Don’t we all just want those nights where we fall asleep, and stay asleep until we’re supposed to wake up?

I have another dream worthy of sharing and friends of mine have asked me to loan them my imagination, because it seems they are jealous of how vivid it is!

I’ve seen pictures on the ‘Net asking viewers which colored button you’d press to gain what power. Most people would say the ability to use telekinesis or heal any injury. Sure I would love to use the force and cure disease but my number one ability that I would like is to fly. You know what’s so great about flying? Well, who doesn’t want to be able to get to where they need to go without having to stick to a bus schedule and traffic jams? But the bigger bonus is, if you want to see the world, the ability to fly lets you travel for free! I want to see the world, so there’s the big bonus!

It started with me flying and landing on a sandy beach with a large resort building, and I hovered above everyone to avoid being seen. Last thing I wanted was people to wonder how on Earth I was flying and they were still stuck on the ground.

After getting through the building, I found myself soaring up a hill until I reached the top and there I saw the Great Wall of China running along the hills. I soared above and followed its path while singing to myself. Can’t remember the words but the chorus went like “Climb up the wall, break the defenses, reach for it all…” not sure what should rhyme with “defenses” but I’ve written song lyrics where not everything rhymes. The melody reminded me of “See Who I Am” from Within Temptation’s The Silent Force album.

Then I was flying down a great valley with windmills up the on the slopes, followed by a great city up North. It ended off with me landing and discovering three great horns on my head and people bidding me farewell as if they knew I had been flying by all along.

So these places: China, Switzerland, and perhaps somewhere in Scandinavia. Something tells me that I hope to visit these places in real life. Never really considered Switzerland, I’ve wanted to go to the Scandinavian area for years, China I’d say has been considered for a long time too.

I really hope one of these days I can make dreams like this come true.


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