Battle Against the Underlings

Okay, I’ve spoken about how my last good dreams became even more accurate to my identity in the fantasy world. The golden spikes, wrist blades, dragon wings, flame breath, etc.

Last night’s dream proved to add even more features and I think this is where my dragon master nature truly came out. All that remains now, should be a battle against my archenemy in a parallel dimension!

I’m coming for you Naga!

It took place in the local park just seconds away from where I live. But instead of the playground it has in real life, there was a high wooden platform (kind of like the one in the second Jurassic Park film, but it doesn’t ascend over the canopy of trees), and a single swing set.

I sat on one of the swings observing a group of people on the platform, and overheard them talking about how they were dragon-hunters. As my dragon master self, I was tasked to ally with dragons and command them against Naga: the one dragon who wanted all the power to himself. I got up off the swings and approached the group and warned them the consequences of what would happen to them if they killed a dragon. This quote has been said by many: Dragons are very misunderstood creatures. But they didn’t believe me when I said I was a master of them. 
Then there was a roar off in the distance, I suspected it was a dragon that knew we were here, and was sent to find me. I was hoping for a big one, but given the dense trees surrounding the park, Naga would have to send in someone smaller among his minions. (and his minions aren’t the same in this fantasy as they are in the anime).
I always forget what it is that makes me transform into my dragon form, I know I touch this pendant and chant something like, “Dragon gold awakening” or “Legendary power awakening” I can never remember what it was. If you have a suggestion that might work best, leave it in the comments below!
Then I spin around and that’s how I transform. I took flight and saw a speck up above. Then the sky went dark, and a pink light was seen. Last time I imagined, I didn’t give Naga any pink-colored minions, but I guess this is when my brain decides to bend things a bit. It flew closer, and it was a gargoyle with black wings. It flew after me all around the park, I ended up breathing fire on it, slashing with wrist blades, and also launching meteors at it, inspired by the Draco Meteor move in the world of Pokemon, also spinning in a flame tornado. 
More minions came, but I was desperate to fight Naga himself, or his apprentice Hydranoid. Where were the big boys? All the while, the people on the platform were watching me fight and they seemed impressed. “Now do you believe me you punks?” That’s what I would have said. These dreams are getting more epic, it’s their accuracy that just needs to be increased to what I think should happen!
What’s next? Please let it be the parallel dimension! What do you think should be next!

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