Does the Platform Matter?

I’ve seen big tech nerds complain about this pretty often, and sometimes it gets on my nerves. I’m not a big web designer, so you could say that I don’t really care much, but nevertheless, I still put a lot of effort in to make things look nice on here.

Over the past few years, I would tweak this site so it looks the way I want it to, and it looks attractive to visitors. Like, you may have noticed I made everything larger tonight, easier to read right? Yes, of course.

People use all sorts of platforms to make a site, blog, or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes you want something simple, or you want to get really fancy, especially if it’s going to be a professional one. It all just depends on your taste. I’ve seen some pretty good blogs which I follow that use this platform, as well as WordPress. I chose to use this platform because I didn’t feel like setting up an account elsewhere and have yet another password to remember on my list.

I came across a rather interesting, and yet offensive tweet today, by some techie who believes that it’s saddening to those who still use this platform today to manage their blogs. This offends me because I’ve been running this blog for about 4 years now. It’s not the sort of blog that has blown up with traffic, (although that would be nice), it’s unique, and I’ve even had a few people tell me that they like the fact that I choose to write about ALL my passions instead of just one.

I’ve done a lot of tweaking, I’ve played around with themes, changed the domain, until I finally settled with something neutral earlier this year, you name it. I have put a lot of effort in my down time to do this because this is where I truly feel like this is a section of the Internet that belongs to me. This is different from having a Facebook or Twitter profile, very different.

Think about it logically, everything here is completely your own, you don’t have to see anything else that doesn’t interest you, because you control what gets put on there. Like, I cannot stress to you how much I hate seeing things on my social media feed that doesn’t interest me and it becomes viral, 99.9% of things that trend on the Internet, are boring. I get sick of seeing about the American politics flooding my feed, but here, I don’t have to worry about that stuff because this is truly my home on the Internet. No drama, no arguments.

So, back to the main topic, does it really matter what platform you use to create your site? I personally don’t think it does. Sure, this platform may not have as much features compared to WordPress for example, but if you’re not big into major design, then maybe this is a place for you to start sharing your passion. Like, I said, I follow some blogs made on here that are really well done such as Anakin and his Angel which is, well it’s pretty obvious what it’s about!

Also, it’s difficult to move your site once you set it up somewhere already. So if people were to look at that tweet and think “gee maybe I should move my blog to a better platform” here’s where the problem comes into play. Once you import all your content to another place, it’ll take time for your followers to go with it. Most of my loyal readers are on Facebook and Twitter, so that’s easy, but for people who are say, other bloggers, G+, and/or don’t know me on any other social media but enjoy reading my blog, who knows if they will go with if I were to move this and import it to another blog site server.

So, I don’t see what’s wrong with using this platform today still to create a blog, or update an existing one that you’ve been running for years. I mean, there are some people out there who create some really good blogs using this platform.

If you use this place to update your blog or create a new one, good for you, and while I understand it isn’t for everyone, no one should feel disturbed by the fact that a popular blogger, or one that commits a lot of their time to write even if they don’t have a large following…..uses this platform to share their thoughts with the world.

I’m sure, with a little tweaking of the HTML, a blog on here could be made to look even better than it is.

Finally, I will close this off with this: I am very dedicated to what I do here, and I will not stand for anyone dismissing or judging me as a writer, or this blog in general by the platform I chose to use it on.


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