If I dream about grubs crawling around the place, it’s always going to be underground, you know what Baird says: when the Locust were underground, they were organized, once they were flooded out of their tunnels, they had gone feral.

I liked the grubs better when they had their home underground, especially how they set up fortresses and such there. I still try to figure out how Myrrah’s palace is made. It appears to be part of a tower, but the palace part is at the very bottom.

I wish this dream took place at Nexus, but instead it took place at the tunnels of the inner Hollow.

Nice place to get lost eh?

Neither the surface, nor down there was safe. My city had been sunk and I had fled into the tunnels from the grubs who were looking for survivors who weren’t evacuated. When I saw they had reavers, I longed to hijack one to get out of there from the sinkhole.

Now that I think about it, this dream reminds me of the last dream I had related to the GOW universe where I helped Delta kill the Riftworm from inside. Only this time, I fled into the tunnels and there was no giant worm.
Locust patrolled everywhere, and some of them were transporting large metal capsules onto the beast barges. I kept quiet as a shadow and worked my around them; I had no weapon and was wearing a white nightgown, pretty easy to spot in the darkness. I may not be armed, but I was fast as lightning.

As I made my way down a path where mushrooms grew, I spotted a rock worm come out of a tiny tunnel. To be honest, when I first saw those things in the game, I thought that they were giant caterpillars, and their faces are kinda cute. It looks like a happy little guy munching away on red glowing fruit, without a care in the world. As I touched its body and discovered it was stone hard and bulletproof. I decided to stay with it for a while. I made myself a bed in a small pit behind a set of vines, and took a dead COG soldier’s boltok pistol, and split glowing fruit with the rock worm. It wasn’t poison thank God, and tasted like apples.

One night..which I assumed it was nighttime. I was asleep in my little pit and woke up to hear the scream of a kantus, and the rock worm was gone.

The screaming echoed through the tunnels, I grabbed the pistol and ran down the path through the dark tunnel, and this time there was a loud roar along with the scream. It made me think that it was Skorge with his giant reaver, or Hydra as they call it. Then everything shook from seismic activity, most likely the Riftworm and I fell to the ground. Through the vines came the sound of a chainsaw, and it was too dark to see who it was. He screamed once again and his footsteps came closer as I crawled away.

Something grabbed my leg and pulled me toward them, and as I struggled to escape I turned over to see who it was, but it was still too dark and the blades were spinning. I shut my eyes, waking up back in my room.

Betcha any money that was Skorge I was running from. It’s gotta be him, screams + chainsaw = Skorge ’nuff said!


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