Escape From Reality…..It Just Got Harder

I’ve always relied on the Internet and video games to escape reality for a couple of hours, but now I feel like with social media it’s nearly impossible. I’ve uninstalled Twitter and Facebook (the only remaining social platforms I use ever since I quit Instagram), from my phone, because I feel like everything I see in my feed is not even providing me with the escape that I need. I’ve reduced my activity to playing Dragon City and texting now, and it’s definitely not regrettable.

I remember back when I joined Facebook in probably ’09 I think, things weren’t so dramatic, probably because I did not have as many friends yet. In 2011 I did a lot of roleplaying, and that made things even easier to avoid what I deal with now, but eventually I stopped doing that too because even RP can cause conflict.

Now I can’t even set foot on social media sometimes, nobody shares anything good anymore. If I turn on my computer in the evening, I head to my writing here or Wattpad, or I watch videos. Nowadays, social media is where everyone yaps about what is wrong with the world, it could be anything, and there are so many things that I’m not going to list them all. But the biggest ones are: There are people I follow on Twitter and FB who post such strong political and religious views that I have muted them because I’m either tired of seeing it, or I’m offended.

I sometimes blame America for most of this because of their presidential election, and to be honest, the candidates suck big time. Everyone’s talking about it, even my own friends are despite being Canadian like me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a racist/sexist jerk or a constant liar who only cares about defeating the other candidate to be president of my neighbor country. As a feminist and preacher of diversity, I especially do not want Trump in the white house, and that’s all I’m going to say. I prefer to keep my political views private.

Why do I keep them private? Over the past few years I have found that every time I share my strong views on the Internet, it turns into an argument no matter what it’s about. I like to keep things positive. Arguing with people online can get out of hand, and from my personal experience, it often leaves me emotional at the end.

Sadly, I’ve lost some respect…but not all, for some people I have as followers on social media because of their nonstop views of politics and other problems in the world like terrorists and shit. Like I ran into someone on Twitter (which I will keep anonymous because I do not wish to point fingers) who classifies themselves as an anti-feminazi and tweets a lot about terrorists. I am getting real tired of that shit because it makes me believe that people who rant about that have no respect for people from certain races, and frankly I go to school with people in that race, I have friends who are part of it too. That offends me. Plus I have no respect for men who objectify us and think feminists want to destroy the male half of the human race, because most of that isn’t true.

It also makes me think they don’t have anything positive in their lives to share, which saddens me.

I’m a feminist, I believe women deserve equal rights as men. Just because I say we need to teach men to stop behaving like pigs and stop objectifying us, (Have I ever told you how much I hate it when men react over our boobs, even in TV shows?) does not mean I think men should be eliminated from this planet. In fact, most of my friends are guys!

So, sometimes I wish people would just keep these views to themselves, you never know who might be upset by them!

This here says it all.

My mom once told me that, ever since the double shooting incidents in Orlando of Christina Grimmie and then in that gay club Pulse: the Internet blows up as usual about it. She got tired of seeing things about it. It’s good to keep yourself in the know about what happens in the world, but here’s wise words that she told me, and I’ve heard these before: “You can keep yourself in the know with what’s happening in the world, but sometimes you have to let go of it, because the more you engage with it, the more it makes you feel down,”

Preach. I can just imagine sharing these constant political and religious views eventually makes them feel upset all the time, especially if it starts an argument. You’ve got to stay positive because sometimes it can even make you depressed. I listen to the news on the radio every morning, so I stay in know, but as soon as I set foot on social media, I share positive things going on in my life, or in my brain.

It feels like only yesterday I shared on Facebook that I now like to eat Chinese food (which I avoided for years due to being a picky eater). I like spring rolls, orange crispy chicken and fried noodles the most. Yum!

Mmmm spring rolls! (not my pic by the way)

I know, sharing stuff about food seems like a silly thing to do, but I had to share the news because I felt proud of myself for keeping an open mind and trying something new. I was at the mall a few weeks ago, and had time to kill before my appointment so I decided to order from Manchu Wok for lunch, instead of Sandwich Tree or that Mexican place I like that has burritos and quesadillas. Now, whenever my parents order from Red Chilli (another Chinese restaurant in the area….which in fact we ordered from the very same week!) I can eat their stuff too!

See? That’s something positive. My friend who’s in the same college program as me, graduated from it last night. That’s positive too! You got a new pet? You got a new car? You’re going to a concert of a band you love? Oh, or maybe you’ve got a vivid imagination like me, and you’ve got a great story to share about that dream you had? Those are all positive things you could share with me instead!

Except no, people just feel like the Internet has become a tool to where we complain about things in the world whether it’s the shitty presidential candidates of the US, the latest mass shooting where nearly 50 people are dead, how America still refuses to put more strict regulations on guns because they believe an armed society is safer (Bull. Shit. No one should have to carry firearms with them to feel safe 24/7, and assault rifles should only be accessed by the military!), or all these people within a specific race are terrorists and should be deported, etc. (when we know that not everyone part of that race desire to kill people outside of it)

It never ends, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep in touch with what’s going on in the world, but there’s a precious little thing called “limit” about how much you think you should talk about it, because if you don’t do that, it becomes an obsession. I occasionally may express my thoughts on something I don’t approve of Donald Trump doing or saying on my Twitter for example. Once I’ve put word out there, I try to ignore it, get on with my life, and do what makes me happy. I would probably start feeling upset all the time if I was constantly ranting online about what’s wrong with society, America’s government, etc. all the time.

Did you know that if you constantly think negative, you’re going to always have a negative experience with things that go on in your own life? See, I’m going to be a smart person, and listen to my mom, even she once told me she wants to see more positive things on her Facebook feed too. So, I’m not alone. I shouldn’t have to go dead from the Internet or mute a large number of people just so I can connect with those who prefer to not worry and be happy.

Instead of whining, how about we all chill the fuck out, have some pizza, and enjoy life while we can?

And now I want some pizza, thank you turtles, I wish I took interest in you when I was still a child.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go do something positive with my life, and I encourage you to do it too, you’ll find it’ll make you happier, and healthier.


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