Tanks For The Memories

I absolutely love having dreams about my favourite bands. Funny thing is that, most of them are about bands that I am either dying to see live, or see again.

I don’t have enough dreams in general about the bands I love, to be honest. The KISS dreams were hilarious like the time the band was sitting in my living room and I was serving them tea and coffee. I have happy memories of those.

This time, my brain decided it was time to dream about a European band. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. I’ve shared my dreams about Lordi on the Monsterboard forums from years ago, now I will share with you a new and rather funny dream from one of my more recent favourite bands:

Well we all have our fetishes right?

It’s weird because this dream actually took place at my high school which was about twenty minutes away from my house. I felt like a teenager again in this dream, and when I was there some things had changed like the size and colour of the lockers. I was reliving my freshman year of high school even though I was still 23, probably because I wanted to rebuild those skills I’ve most likely lost by now. My afternoon classes consisted of tech. rotations that lasted for a few weeks, so I had no set classes except in the morning. I did small engines/auto-shop, cooking (which I also took two years after), digital animation, and comm tech.

In this dream I was taking just comm tech and visual arts. I haven’t made any drawings in a long time, in fact I’ve sort of got artist’s block at the moment. I should have taken visual arts in high school to brush up my skills, but instead I chose drama.
Anyway, what is Joakim Brodén doing on here? Well yeah, Sabaton is the band that this dream was about! Duh.
Each of the band members were teaching those tech rotation classes, and I was sitting in the front row wearing my sparkly logo shirt of the band (I don’t have that shirt in real life, but soon I will!), just gazing at every one of them as they talked about what we would be doing. They were more goofy than professional with their teaching, as I should have expected!

On my way to the comm tech class, my best friend who is a fellow fan of the band since we saw them co-headline with Nightwish told me he was taking cooking class, and told me that Thobbe was great with flipping pancakes and fried eggs! He even showed them tricks how to cook rice krispy squares more easily since it’s really hard to stir them once you have everything in the pot. He also said Hannes was great at animation class, making everyone photoshop themselves into concerts they dreamt of being at.

Me? Well in the comm tech class, Par Sundstrom was teaching us that we didn’t need to make a music video that was all mainstream and shit. In fact, he asked us to take our favourite songs and cover them with whatever unique event in the video that we could come up with. So I decided to make my music video based on one of my past dreams: The one where I was soaring above the clouds singing Carolus Rex.

Later when Par walked around to evaluate our finished videos, he decided to save mine for last since he noticed that I was the only person in the class who was a fan of the band. He broke down in joyful tears when he watched the video and gave me an A+. Well deserved I say!

Then later in visual arts class, Joakim Brodén was in charge and he was the funniest of all, acting so casual about the subject, and making jokes about how he had never taught art before. He wrote on the chalkboard to draw something historical, from any era as we pleased. He was wearing that vest that he wears at every concert and as I watched him walk about the classroom he seemed rather disappointed by what everyone was choosing to draw. He literally glanced over everyone’s shoulders, to see what they were doing but he smiled at me every time he walked past my desk.

After what would be an hour later in that dream, he would make us present our artwork to him at the end of the class. Just like Par, he saved me for last. When it was my turn he was like: “Let’s see what our star with a real music taste has for us,” and turns out I had drawn a Panzer tank for him. Once he saw it, he said, “Now that’s what I call a tank,” I told him he could keep the drawing and I tore it out of my sketchbook and gave it to him. Then he hugged me and kissed my cheek, did not see that coming. When he released me, I fainted instantly and woke up in reality not long afterwards.

Now my friends think I have a crush on him. Oh dear, another hunky hilarious metal dude to add to my list. I also think Par is cute and funny too, so scratch that make that two!

Alright, I better get to bed before I fall asleep at my computer. Goodnight Internet, I hope to dream about going to hell and back.


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