GOT S6 Best Moments

We did it guys, we made it through another season of Game of Thrones! Now the aftermath is sad; we all wonder, what the hell are we gonna do with our Sunday nights now for the next 10 months?

Oh I’m sure I’ll find something to do! I’m gonna share with you the best moments I liked this season and the good news is that: they outnumber the worst and that’s where I don’t think writing about my least favourite parts will be necessary this time. I feel like this is good to make up for the number of bad things that happened in the previous season don’t you think?

So here’s your warning: this article contains lots of spoilers ahead, so if you’re not caught up with the show. You better stop reading this right now. Eh…..it’s probably fine, most of you can’t even evade the spoilers these days whether you don’t watch the show, or you’re not up to date with it.

1. Jon Snow Alive

YES!!! He’s alive! Everyone cheered and cried at that final moment of the second episode that ended with him gasping for air after we assumed Melisandre’s attempts to bring him back had failed. See, I knew that he was going to be brought back. This is a series were you will have to expect that major characters are going to die, but there are some that you just can’t kill, and Jon is one of them. Melisandre had lost faith since Stannis was killed, but Davos motivated her to try again believing she has made miracles happen such as giving birth to a shadow creature. Last year I wrote one of the worst moments was his death and it was no surprise the season kicked off with his loyal followers and Ghost discovering what happened. There was enough foreshadowing for us to believe that he was going to come back to us: Melisandre returning to Castle Black; we know Red Priests have the ability to resurrect, and they never burned of buried his body after they found him dead. I was on the edge of my seat, gasped and cheered once he opened his eyes and breathed once again. Oh and Melisandre, thank you, you have gained some of my forgiveness but next time don’t cut his hair.
2. Dany burns all the great khals

Daenerys Targaryen definitely started out in this season in a vulnerable position, but she definitely made a big comeback this year. I thought to myself, is she gonna be trapped in the Dosh Khaleen, but knowing her, she’s unpredictable and whatever happens brings me excitement. This was one of her most powerful moments this season, surrounded by all the khals of every Dothraki khalasar in the temple. I just wanted to punch them all for giving her gang rape threats, but then at that point she realizes how flawed the leaders are, when they laugh off her statement that she is fit to lead them. Then she tricks them saying they’re going to die rather than serve her, and proceeds to knock over the braziers, setting the temple ablaze, killing them. She emerges naked and unburnt. Everyone bows down to her, congrats Dany you just gained the ENTIRE Dothraki army in all the world to follow you. This scene gives me flashbacks of the season 1 finale to be honest. We haven’t seen Dany naked since that time, and I guess I could agree that this scene was too powerful for Emilia to use a body double. As long as the nudity in this show actually has a part in the story, then I don’t mind it. It also goes and shows you that Dany is able to get herself out of a tight situation when she doesn’t have her dragons with her.
3. Benjen and the Hound return

This season also brought back a lot of returning faces, especially ones that we thought were either dead, or lost forever, and it was definitely Sandor Clegane and Benjen Stark that I was happy to see the most. We all thought that Arya left the Hound to die after he was brutally beaten by Brienne, but instead he was saved and gave up on fighting. However, it seems that it won’t be long before he gets back at it again once he runs into the Brotherhood without Banners who murder the villagers he was living with, and the man that nursed him back to health. 
Benjen has been missing beyond the Wall since season 1 and was presumed dead. At the end of season 5 Jon was tricked into believing someone had found him, but sadly that was not the case. When Meera fled the heart tree with Bran they were saved by a mysterious man in black on a horse who killed wights with a torch. However far North they were, is a mystery, but before he revealed himself to be Benjen, my mom and I already knew it was most likely going to be him. Who else has been alone beyond the wall for a long time other than Benjen? I was shocked to learn that he was nearly turned into a White Walker. It’s too bad he once left Bran again in the final episode, we barely got to see him.
4. Arya kills the waif

Arya also started off this season in a weaker position due to being blind. I was getting tired of the waif constantly beating her, but was relieved she got her sight back eventually and was given another chance. She had to assassinate an actress playing Cersei in a play, but she chose not to carry it out once she realized how kind Lady Crane was. At first I was expecting Lady Crane to drink the poisoned rum but was shocked that Arya knocked it out of her hand. I guess she realized that Lady Crane is innocent and the Faceless Men are obviously not the type of assassins that she wants to strive to become. She believed that why should they murder someone who hasn’t done anything to them? Perhaps that is why she made the choice to abandon them. That didn’t make her forget what she’s learned though, and I thought she was going to die when the waif stabs her but instead Lady Crane helps her. Perhaps another reason why she decided to leave the faction was because, do you really think everyone who wants to be one of them can discard their identity just like that? It’s clear that she can’t. Then her final showdown with the waif reminded me of Wait Until Dark where she cuts the candle with Needle eliminating the light, and she has the advantage due to once being blind. If you’ve seen that movie, it’s the same thing: put someone at the same disadvantage you have or once had in order to defeat them. I’m glad she chose to go home in the end. She will always be Arya Stark and no one can take that away.

5. Dany and her dragons roast the slave masters

Dracarys x 3! Now that’s more like it! When all hope seemed lost once the slave masters began to attack Meereen; Dany arrives just in time. I felt like this battle could have been longer but lately the series has been “rushed” as if trying to meet a deadline. When Tyrion offers Dany a more diplomatic solution to resolve the conflict, she agrees and as soon as they tell her that her reign is over, she corrects that it has only begun, mounts Drogon, and then Viserion and Rhaegal join them from breaking out of the crypt. Then they burn the slave ships to cinders….maybe not all of them before they surrender though. The dragons look so much more realistic in this part, it’s as if it’s not CGI at all and they have suddenly come to life. This is the type of screen time I have wanted Dany’s dragons to get, because there have been times when she’s moving around like a nomad and they’re no where to be found, but now they’re part of the action. I love how Dany chooses to ride Drogon into battle rather than just watch him and his brothers burn everything. Who needs a sword when you have dragons? She’s got the Unsullied, the entire Dothraki horde, three dragons, what more could the silver queen ask for?
6. Sansa sicks the dogs on Ramsay

We knew Ramsay had to die at some point. He became the new most hated character in the series once Joffrey was dead. That being said, his actor Iwan Rheon did an incredible job portraying such a monster that Ramsay was. I knew right away that Sansa was going to write to Littlefinger to bring in the Knights of the Vale who showed up much to my satisfaction just when all hope seemed lost in the battle. That makes Sansa the hero of the battle. No argument against Jon doing his part as well, he fought bravely, and Wun Wun broke down the door sacrificing himself in the process. But Ramsay was always meant for Sansa to kill in the end. I’m impressed with how she’s matured in this season. She’s become a much stronger character in her own way. At first I thought that Jon was going to beat Ramsay to death or stick his sword through his gut, but a quick death like that just doesn’t feel as good if it’s a character that you hate, so that’s why it was extremely satisfying for him to be tied up in the kennels, where Sansa watches the starving hounds feast on his flesh.
7. Walder Frey’s Death

Admit it, we all despised this man after the Red Wedding, so I wasn’t too pleased to see him again this season. He’s 90 years old and I felt that his time was coming to an end in the show soon. The season finale was shocking when he’s alone at his table and the serving girl brings him pie which is revealed to have pieces of his sons in it. (at first I never noticed the toe in the piece he takes a piece of!) Turns out the serving girl was Arya Stark in disguise and she slits his throat. She may have given up on becoming a Faceless Man, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten what she’s learned. It proves that she only really wanted to be part of their guild in order to kill the people on her list.
8. Dany finally sets sale for Westeros

Big Targaryen supporters such as myself have been waiting for this to happen ever since Viserys death making Dany the rightful heir to the Iron Throne after her father. Many of us were wondering when the hell was she going to head for Westeros. We all knew it won’t be easy, if she hopes to conquer it, she’s going to need lots of support, and now she finally has. Seeing her with her massive fleet and her dragons FINALLY set sale for Westeros, is probably one of the best final moments of the season finale ever in the entire series! It was even more surprising that she also has backup from the Tyrells and Martells. Ever since the alliance between the Lannisters and Martells broke, they’ve been seeking revenge, and now, so have the Tyrells once Olenna came to visit Ellaria Sand after the death of her son and grandchildren. Varys brings the houses together to stand with Daenerys. Now it seems the Lannisters have no more backup, They’ve made more enemies than Dany has during her time in Meereen. Finally she is truly on her way to take what is hers with fire and blood! For now, we can only hope that she arrives in Westeros in the next season and it will most likely be her vs. Cersei now that she’s queen. Look at all those ships, she’s got Targaryen ones for her armies, the Iron Fleet commanded by Theon and Yara, now there’s Tyrell and Martell forces, and of course….her dragons and I’m glad they were also seen flying above as the fleet sales across the Narrow Sea.
Well that sums it up for all my favourite moments from this year’s season of Game of Thrones. I truly hope you were up to date on the series before you read this! 

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