Yesterday was a day to go into the big city and explore.

My mother had a conference in downtown Toronto, and having my brother and I meet her in the city to hang out was not what I had in mind, but hey, anything to get out of the house right?

The only time I set foot in Toronto these days is when I’m going to an event: be it a concert, con, whatever. The last time I went there to just hang out and go sightseeing, I was still in grade school, we stayed there for a few days before classes started up again. We skated at Nathan Phillips Square by the old City Hall and went up in the CN Tower. Personally, if you want to go up there: do it for the view, not the food.

Now every time I visit that square, I think of the time I went skating there years ago. It would have also been nice to skate there at night with all the lights.
We walked around and down Yonge Street, and there’s lots of places to shop and eat. In fact there’s so many it’s almost impossible to choose a place! I didn’t want to stick around the Eaton Center for too long because it’s so damn crowded, even though they have stores in there that you will always see me leave with a purchase. 
So we walked all the way down to the Hot House Cafe which was a bit of a hike. My mom pointed out that building above. I don’t know it just reminds me of something you’d see in Diagon Alley. Is that normal?
I didn’t do much shopping, except for that three-story HMV on Yonge St. that I was not expecting to be there.
I prefer that everything is organized by genre in a record store, as I’ve been in the HMV at Square One, and all CDs are just mashed together alphabetically regardless of genre. Makes it harder if you’re looking for something specific.
I almost bought four albums before I realized that two of them I also have bought online through iTunes, so I left the store with these two:
Well, I finally got Megadeth’s new album, I’d say it’s better than Super Collider. I actually liked that album, but a few tracks were questionable. But Dystopia, I’d say it’s sort of going towards the sound again that we got in Endgame.

The Art of War, is a classic that Sabaton has come out with. At first I thought it was a concept album until the booklet revealed the eras each song tells the story of. Such as the tragic battles of Gallipoli, and Passchendaele, as well as Kursk. Plus it’s got that classic bonus track “Swedish Pagans” too!
Don’t get me wrong, I love Toronto, lots of great places to see, eat, and shop. I’m also more likely to run into fellow geeks and metalheads there. I feel so alone sometimes back in my hometown when it comes to subcultures.
However, as great as Toronto can be, I wouldn’t mind working there, but not living.
Why? Well it’s so busy, and people are so careless too. Nobody looks before crossing the street or turning at the intersection. People step onto the road before the light changes, or drive through the crosswalk while people are walking. This is how you get killed! Also, there are too many smokers around, as someone going into a health care field, I know that smoking (secondhand) is a major problem. Nothing irritates me more than having to sniff that horrible smell of tobacco and try not to inhale any of it.
I don’t want to get into ranting too much, but it was still fun to get out in the city yesterday. Now I’m relaxing listening to music from my new Monster Superstar speaker writing this.

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