Why I Don’t Download Music

     I sometimes look at today’s society and think, why is it that we are willing to make tricks just to get what we want? When it comes to things like music, do we even bother to think about the band/artist we are downloading it from? Well, I’ve always been an old-school type of gal; there have been times when I never downloaded unless there was no way to purchase it. But now, I am definitely only buying my music, and I encourage to do it too….no matter how much money you have. So here’s why:

 You’re not supporting the band/artist
This is a big one, so I have to break it down. It’s also what I care about the most. Firstly, if you truly love and support the band/artist, you will BUY their music. I’m old-fashioned, I like to take a trip to the record store and buy the album. It has more value. If I cannot find it in the record store, or I just want a single song, I purchase it on iTunes. I never get new music without paying for it, because that is how you support your favourite band/artist.
Some people argue that downloading music illegally will not affect musicians because they’re rich. Uh yeah, like Selena Gomez and Beyoncé may be millionaires, but here’s the thing: Most musicians aren’t living in billion dollar mansions fanning themselves with tons of cash while soaking in platinum bathtubs. In fact, almost all the bands I listen to, work hard to make a living, and they make just enough to pay the bills and feed themselves. To me, stealing their music off some MP3 converter site is like betraying the band/artist for all the hard work they have done into writing, recording, producing, etc. Shows that you do not support them in continuing to make new music and continue touring which brings me to…
Secondly, if you download the band/artist’s single or album, they don’t make any money. Like I said, most musicians aren’t rich. If they don’t sell any records, then they could be at risk for losing their contract and then there won’t be any new music, or concerts from them.

Believe it or not, a lot of bands I listen to are grateful when you buy their music. The day after I went to that record store in downtown Toronto, I was listening to The Art of War, I flipped over to the last page of the booklet to see statements from the band members; Joakim Brodén said after thanking his family: “and a thanks to you, for buying this album and not downloading it!”

That there my friends, is an example of when bands/artists greatly appreciate it when you buy their music. 

It’s clearly stealing
Digital or physical, stealing is stealing, whether you hide a tank top in your bag, or download your favourite band’s album before it’s set to release. Remember that commercial you sometimes see before movie previews? You wouldn’t steal someone’s car, purse, or even a physical copy of the album. That’s against the law; does the law spare digital downloading? No it does not because the fact is that: downloading music is illegal no matter what and where you do it.
Record labels lose profit too

The musician isn’t the only one who will be affected by illegal downloading. It affects the record label too. Just like musicians, some really big labels will barely notice, but there are also smaller labels that will be; because they too, work hard to make a living. The result: Downloading the music makes the record label lose money as well. This can cause bands/artists to lose their contracts, and newer bands/artists may not receive an offer due to the label being low on money. Would you like your favourite band to split up after losing their contract? I don’t think so.

If you get caught, you can be charged and have a criminal record

Yeah, not a lot of people have got caught downloading music, so that argument is going to get thrown in my face for saying this. But it is known to happen.

There are people out there that have been caught doing it, although it’s not something that may make the news, still, the Dothraki handmaidens stand by my words.
You could be charged a lot of money, who knows how much? But remember all those warnings you see whenever you watch a movie that’s on DVD or Blu-Ray? It says how you can be fined up to 250 grand for piracy of the content and up to five years in prison? Yeah that’s pretty damn serious, and the same could apply to music. 
Due to the fact that millions still download music, we can’t catch everyone doing it, but I personally think it varies on how often you do it.
Remember this?

For example, the episode shown above from The Proud Family: Penny is introduced to a website called EZ Jackster by her latest crush Mega and he gets her to spread the word about his site, not sure what his goal is to get out of people using it. 

As a result, Penny gets addicted to the site being the one user of the site whose activity is the highest, thus affecting the music industry the worst.
Sometimes I think this is a bad example, because in the episode, once Penny gets absorbed in EZ Jackster; she only uses it to illegally download music from ONE artist: Sir-Paid-A-Lot; a fictional rapper. I personally think she should have been stealing music from other artists in this episode before getting caught and charged with a criminal record for this but I rest my case.
None of you want to get a criminal record for constantly downloading music illegally do you? It can affect job applications, post-secondary, etc. So if I were you, I’d stick to purchasing music.
Touring isn’t the only way musicians make money

This is another common argument; again it depends on the band/artist. If they’re millionaires, they probably do make more money on touring. Look at Katy Perry; she’s probably got three vaults full of money just from the Prism tour worldwide. Some bands don’t tour worldwide yet, so as a result, they will have to rely on album sales too. Like Lordi, right now they don’t have a huge demand outside Europe, so that’s why they just stick to touring there until they get bigger, so yeah, they would rely on album sales too. Mr. Lordi has said in interviews his stance on buying music vs. downloading, in fact I remember that interview with Mana back in 2013 how he has never downloaded anything because he can’t at all due to where he lives! That was such a hilarious interview. But yeah, proof that there are bands out there that do rely on album sales to continue in their careers.
So there it is in a nutshell, the top reasons why I will never download music. I encourage you to do the same. 
Lots of people complain they don’t have enough money to buy music, be it a single or a CD. I understand everyone has a different financial situation, so my response is this: If you truly support the band/artist then buy their music. If you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it, save up your money on whatever you have left to spend on entertainment in your budget, kapeesh?

Yep, I hope you do follow that advice.


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