Strange Havens

I wish I had more strange dreams that don’t make any sense, because they’re so vivid and weird that I just like the events that happen in them.

Like this dream for instance, I was on a train heading somewhere and the place we passed through looked like that valley in my town that I pass through all the time, and then something knocked the train over tossing it into where the river used to be. The impact reminded me in Jurassic Park how the T-Rex always bangs the vehicle to try and flip it to get the people inside.

Me and several other survivors got off and we were running from a monster behind us, and I knew it was a dinosaur but didn’t know what kind it was until we found a place to hide. There was a grey sky and long grassland with trees and boats on stands. This reminded me a lot of Downsview Park in Toronto.

We hid behind a hill at the edge of the water to make the predator lose us. I think it looked more like a Carnotaurus than a T-Rex once I saw it, and now I need to watch Dinosaur again. I’m pretty sure its vision is based on movement since it’s from the T-Rex family. Then we kept still until it started to turn and leave.

The person next to me warned me that we needed to stay away from the water because something was in there too. I never found out what it was, but it was either a giant sea monster or piranhas; something that snatches prey without warning and almost silently.

Then we quickly ran across the docks past the boats and I heard screams from behind, and I guess that was what whatever lurked in the water. But no where seemed safe for me to turn around, stop, and see what happened. It’s like running through tall grass, people behind you get pulled down by velociraptors, and you can’t afford to investigate without putting yourself at risk.

I kept running until I saw this small yellow hemispherical structure that looked like it was made of plastic. I had to crawl to get inside it, but once I was inside it was larger than I thought. There was the scent of chlorine and change rooms and turns out it was a pool house, with a large pool in the central room. A big sign by the entrance said:

“Monsters out there? Have no fear, you’ll be safe here!” and then there what was there besides the pool: food, water, and other things. I swam in the pool alone and then when night fell the floor and walls lit up with stars like I was in space.

Seemed like a rather safe but strange haven for me, not sure if it was meant to lure people in to make them stay or it really was a refuge from whatever dangers lurked out there.

I need more strange dreams like this.


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