Monstereophonic Madness

They’re back everyone! My favourite Finnish monsters have risen once again!

I didn’t think it was going to happen this soon, but the announcement kind of caught me off guard. I used to always be engaged with what they were up to, but now I think to myself; hmm I really should get back into Lordi.

When Scare Force One was released, I remember listening to it once, and then I got sidetracked with other bands and hobbies that came up. I still loved Lordi through it all, maybe I wasn’t turned on to the album when I first listened to it, whereas with TBONTB I listened to it several times and it grew on me! As some people say: Times change, and well hey I’m still a Monstermaniac in my heart.

I know I’ve been so quiet about them lately and that’s because I was spending too much time a few years back, worrying about what other fans had accomplished such as meeting them for the first or tenth time. What I should have done was focus on myself as a fan, and not let my envy of those overseas bring me down.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do now that I hope to give their new album the time to grow on me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate Scare Force One; I just got distracted before I could listen to it again to let it grow on me.

Aren’t they beautiful?

I love how Hella has gone back to her blonde hair with half of her face more deformed than the other. Mana has got his long hair again and I never noticed that spider on his chest until fellow fans started pointing it out. OX and Amen both look badass, and I love how Mr. Lordi went with all the studs this time, plus bigger spikes. I think I like his costume better than the way it was in the SFO era.

The track list for the new album has also been revealed:

1. SCG8 : One Message Waiting
2. Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be The Beast-Man In The Masters Of The Universe)
3. Hug You Hardcore

4. Down With The Devil
5. Mary Is Dead
6. Sick Flick
7. None For One
8. SCG VIII : Opening Scene
9. Demonarchy
10. The Unholy Gathering
11. Heaven Sent Hell On Earth
12. And The Zombie Says
13. Break Of Dawn
14. The Night The Monsters Died

Two SCGs in one Lordi album, how interesting is that? Hug You Hardcore reminds me of Evilove; one of my favourite bonus tracks from The Arockalypse album. I don’t know who Mary is, but it’s like Missing Miss Charlene almost; there’s always a song by Lordi once in a while that tells a story about a girl. From what I’ve been told, it’s part concept album, sounds promising enough I’d say.

Well, hopefully this time I let this album grow on me, in the mean time while I wait, I should probably give Scare Force One another listen. My God, both Lordi and Sabaton have new music coming out this year, things just keep getting better!


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