My Monsterican Dream

(Hard Rock) HALLELUJAH!!!! This is the best news I have ever received this summer! It just makes up for everything that has been going on since the start of 2016.

I didn’t think it was ever going to happen; in fact I had almost lost hope by now. Year after year went by and at first I cried about it until I realized that doesn’t solve anything. I thought the only option was to save up for a trip overseas to Europe to make this dream come true.

There are so many bands I want to see live. A lot of them come from Europe, and so far I’ve seen at least three of them live. Coincidentally they’re either Finnish or Swedish. What can I say? Scandinavia has some pretty good stuff!

So guess what guys? Look who’s FINALLY coming to my neck of the woods??!

I had a heart attack when I saw this.

LORDI!!! THAT’S RIGHT, MOTHERF**KING LORDI!!! I am slowly losing my mind as I type this! I didn’t think they would ever get enough demand to get over here. Hmm perhaps over the years fellow NA fans started contacting venues to book em’, hell I think I did it too.

Writing this makes me think back in the day when Lordi was almost all I wrote about on this blog; since they did have an influence on me to start it after all. The first major article I wrote was about how I discovered them and the challenges of being a fan.
So does that mean I don’t have to go to them? Well, having Lordi come play over here is definitely cheaper, but as the years went by I came up with more reasons why I would like to travel to Europe besides this particular band.
This North American tour came up rather unexpected at a time where I was engrossed in other bands and interests. The tour dates were leaked on a metal forum and I didn’t believe it at first; when it comes to concerts I trust no one but the officials to reveal to me if a band I like is coming to my country to play.
Then a few days later I was standing at the bus stop on my way to get my hair done and I checked Facebook. I opened it to a ton of notifications and my friend had tagged me in something and then I realized those tour dates were legitimate after all directly from the band’s page. I almost screamed but held it in and started giggling and blasting Lordi until the bus arrived! You can imagine I squealed myself towards losing my voice once I was in my room alone right?
I have had small conversations with the band members about the possibility of this happening. Amen said it would be awesome, and Mr. Lordi told me that they came so close near here and were cancelled. So, I was right all along, they’ve never played in Toronto before. It’ll be at the Opera House and I’m not too crazy about that venue but this is Lordi we are talking about. LORDI. I would do anything to see them live even if it meant going to a concert venue that I had a bad experience with the crowd last time. Nothing is going to stop me from going to this concert! 
While I was away at the cottage for the Civic Holiday weekend, I was informed by my friend that he bought tickets for us. I ran around outside jumping and dancing for joy once I got that one text, so now it’s official. I’m seeing Lordi live! I can’t fucking wait, you have no idea….
So you’re going to ask me this: Am I going to meet the band too? Well, we’ll see. It’s a bonus if it happens, if not, then hey at least I finally can check this off my bucket list! If I do meet them however, there will definitely be photos and perhaps I’ll make a new drawing while I wait for the gig…you know…just in case. I wonder if I showed Mr. Lordi that drawing I made for him on his birthday back in 2013, he’ll remember me. God I would die if that happened!
I owe Lordi so much in my life; without them, I would not be in to KISS and all the other bands from here and Europe that I love today. Mr. Lordi is still my top idol out of all the other musicians I love individually and I’m going to sing my heart out, jump, and headbang like there is no tomorrow on that night!
Would I love a Monsterman? Oh yes of course I would!
Could I understand beauty of the beast? Yes, beauty is found within.
Alright, yeah I neglected this week’s Metal Monday cause I was too busy writing this HUGE news, but it was obviously way more important to share!
I’ll see you in Toronto my sweet monsters! I love you!

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