Chocolate, Rock, and Horror

I didn’t get a chance to write this because I was up at the cottage for the long weekend.

I feel like I haven’t had anything good to write for the last two weeks because I’m so focused on The Warlord’s Prize (which is going really well by the way), or I just haven’t had anything that’s good enough to extract from my brain onto a digital online sheet that can be published on this blog.

Luckily, the same day that I found out we got tickets for Lordi; I had a dream about them. I haven’t had dreams about Lordi in forever. Some of them I still remember like the time OX gave me a back rub and told me I should listen to Motley Crue and the one where Mr. Lordi walked into my college classroom and started singing “Call off the Wedding” and I sang along with him while everyone else stared at us.

Good times, I don’t know why but my dreams about Lordi always seem to be about individual members instead of the whole band. I guess it just depends where my imagination takes me when it turns back on during my sleepy time! So far it’s been only Mr. Lordi and OX, c’mon stupid brain, yes I love Mr. Lordi and OX is awesome too but don’t forget about the rest of the band; in fact I’d like to have a dream about Amen next, he’s hilarious.

This dream was almost like the one with Joakim Brodén when he stayed at my house. This time it was Mr. Lordi staying at my house, my parents were once again away and it was back in my hometown instead of the band’s.

He just showed up at my house and I had a heart attack inside. We ended up hugging, he signed all the Lordi albums I owned, we took pictures and then I showed him all the other music I owned. He was super impressed to see I have almost all the KISS records and my Destroyer poster in my bedroom, so I put on some KISS music and we listened to some classic 70’s albums from them and chatted about the band.

Later we were watching horror flicks; on Netflix since I unfortunately don’t have any of the “good” stuff that he would enjoy on DVD. We were also eating chocolate…lots of chocolate.

And now I want some chocolate!

It was all milk or white chocolate; most notably Cadbury Dairy Milk, Nestlé Crunch, Hershey Cookies and Cream, and Lindt’s creamy Lindor chocolate. We were stuffing ourselves almost….so sweet and mouth-watering oh lord….my demons are here.

Great, look what you guys made me do; now I am craving chocolate as I write this! Yum!
 Hmmm, maybe I should give him a chocolate bar when they come to Toronto. But which one? I first heard about the Milka brand from him and then I eventually got to eat that, ooh I think he might love Cadbury and Lindor because of how sweet and creamy they are!
I think at one point during the dream one of the scary parts happened in the movie and it made me jump into his lap. He laughed didn’t seem to mind at all that I wanted to snuggle up to him if I got scared. I’m not a chicken when it comes to horror flicks, if you want to watch them with me, I’ll do it; but they still can make me jump inside. I’m not afraid to sleep in pitch darkness after watching one either!
Just at that moment the phone rang and when I answered it was my dad and he asked me what I was up to. I told him I was watching movies with a friend and when he asked me who it was I was like: “Uh…..you really don’t want to know!”
I always ask people this question from one of those lame teen magazines I used to read, it’s:
“Would you rather never eat chocolate again or eat nothing but chocolate for a month?”
Most answers I got were the second option; no doubt Mr. Lordi would say that too if I asked him! Am I the only person who said I would rather never eat chocolate again? I love my chocolate but imagine how bad my health would be after eating it for a month! It would be just like when Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month. (I like that documentary by the way and I do enjoy watching documentaries from time to time)
Anyway, it’s good to have another Lordi dream; pretty much all the Lordi dreams I have written about were on a thread on the Monsterboard where I would tell a short story about what happened. Fellow fans on there also came up with some pretty crazy Lordi dreams! Yep, good times I miss them now.

The only thing that sucks about this dream was unlike the one with Joakim; my Monsterman and I didn’t get all smoochy and goofy, even though both musicians have similar personalities despite different interests, image, genre and the fact that I have a crush on both of them! Oh well, hahaha life goes on and they hold a place in my heart.

Off to bed with me, goodnight primitives.

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