What to Write Every 100’s?

I just realized this would be my 400th post once I publish this. Crazy right? I think so.

When these things come up, I want to save them for really big things, but sometimes I don’t feel like working on a bigger writing project to make it that, or I can’t think of anything.

Please all the old gods and new, don’t make me come down with writer’s block on here! I think this place is slowly taking off and the last thing I want is to run out of things to write.

Luckily I won’t run out of things to write because I have another Mass Effect DLC to ramble about and it’s a big one. Then after binge playing Pokemon X over the long weekend, I decided I want to write about my favourite Pokemon games based on the story.

I skipped Metal Monday this week because sharing the news that I’m finally going to see Lordi in February was way more important. I guarantee you next week’s metal song will be Lordi since it’s been a while since I’d done one of their songs. I think the last one I did was HRH on Mr. Lordi’s birthday! Holy crap.

Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about AZ from Pokemon X, I have a lot more sympathy for that wandering giant man after a second play through.

It took me forever to finish that chapter on The Warlord’s Prize which I published a few hours ago and I tell you the next chapter is going to be very challenging to do. Probably the most difficult to write out of all the chapters in stories I’ve written over the past few years.

I also feel like I want to rewrite my Lordi fanfiction because after taking it off Wattpad for some silly reason, I retrieved all the chapters from the Monsterboard under my topic of fanfiction. If you’ve read it, you’ll find it’s really dark and brutally romantic but what disturbs me about it now was I subconsciously took things from Twilight to build the romance while I was writing it. If I were to rewrite it, I want to make sure it doesn’t have anything from Twilight. It’s so easy to use something from that saga without even knowing you’ve done it you know.

I’ve also pre-ordered The Last Stand, bought Primo Victoria both from Nuclear Blast. I think I’ll consider getting The Holographic Principle too.

Also I’m wearing little tanks for earrings as I write this. The seller on Etsy was passionate about selling military bling for women who are wives of soldiers. Little did the seller know when I placed the order that I was really buying the earrings because of Sabaton! Cue lyrics:

Into the motherland the German army march
Comrades stand side by side to stop the Nazi charge
Panzers on Russian soil a thunder in the east
One million men at war
Soviet wrath unleashed!

If I were to ever meet Sabaton next time they’re here, I would be talking with the band and then when I turn to Joakim, I’ll just casually pull my hair to the back so he can see those little tanks dangling from my ears! I wonder what his reaction would be. He would probably laugh.

I just love making blog posts like these when I can’t think of a serious topic because they’re totally random. I might as well stay up here in my room while everyone watches the Olympic ceremony downstairs. Sports are so overrated.


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