The Dysfunctional Decepticons

Awww yay! Another Transformers related dream where Optimus and I go for a drive off into the sunset!

Psych! Actually this dream was pretty disturbing that pictures won’t be necessary. Seriously, have you remembered the times from a few of the Transformers movies where Megatron was all like: “Let me strip the very flesh from his body!”

Pretty scary when you think about it. Well, as an ally of the Autobots; Optimus had sent me on a task to keep an eye on a family that had been under constant watch by the Decepticons. I had never been given this task before and it scared me what would happen if the Decepticons discovered that I would be there.

Megatron and his followers knew me as Optimus’s little insect spy. That was what Starscream called me the most, he’d be like “Lord Megatron, I’ve been watching that family again and look who’s with them: Optimus’s little insect spy. What is she doing interfering with our plans?”

Turns out the family were four people living in a ruined house, the children were grown up but the parents had serious mental problems. They wouldn’t let their grown kids move out of the house but they were ready to as they had already got their careers started. The daughter was a successful artist who made paintings which she would sell in an art shop and the son was working his way towards becoming a doctor.

Despite their dysfunctional parents, they seemed pretty normal to me and that made me wonder why Optimus sent me to watch over them and what the Decepticons wanted with them.

The first night I spent at their house I slept in the basement. It was dark and worn down there and I was awakened by a blue light coming from down below. I went to investigate and down there was a trapdoor.

As someone who recognized Energon from being taken prisoner by Megatron in a story that I wrote several years ago, I knew it was an Energon reservoir. However, instead of it being Dark Energon, or the regular Energon that was often seen in mines or wherever it may hide. I opened the trapdoor to have a look at it, and it was cyan coloured rather than the regular blue but it was giving off some sort of electric reaction as moved closer.

I contacted Optimus and told him about the deposit. You know how Jack Miko and Raf are able to call the Autobots with their cell phones? Well I did the same hahaha! It was like:

Me: O.P. come in are you there?

OP: I’m here Emily, what have you found?

Me: I wish it was something better O.P. but I think I know why the Decepticons are watching this household. There’s a deposit of Energon underneath their basement.

OP: Are you certain?

Me: I don’t know, I remember seeing Energon before, the dark kind as well but this…this doesn’t look like anything I am familiar with.

OP: Describe it.

Me: Uh okay….well it’s crystal-like, cyan coloured and for some reason it gives some sort of electric vibe when I get close to it.

OP: Don’t touch it!

Me: Why not?

OP: Emily, that’s a new kind of Energon. Megatron has used it before and it is artificially made by Shockwave. It reacts to any non-Cybertronian organisms, tears them apart and has them reborn as Cybertronian brainwashed to join the Decepticon cause. Perhaps the reason why Megatron has not ordered his Decepticons to raid the place is because he is waiting for the humans living in this house to discover it.

Me: And where have you seen this before?

OP: We were sent to investigate an Energon deposit near the headquarters where the remaining human soldiers of M.E.C.H had gathered since the death of their leader. That was where we discovered that Energon had been exposed to the soldiers who were turn into Cybertronians that attacked us.

Me: So why send me here?

OP: Remember what I told you about limiting human involvement? This Energon is designed to activate if given a certain time, or it is exposed to human tissue. You must get these humans to safety at once before they are exposed to this Energon. If they undergo the fatal transformation, it cannot be reversed. Ratchet and I tried capturing one of the Decepticons that was once human and turned into this, and we learned that the change is permanent.

Me: You mean it kind of kills a human by destroying its body and then implants what remains into a Decepticon?!

OP: Yes.

Me: Okay I get it but slight problem, the family’s unstable, they don’t want to leave.

OP: Use any means necessary to get them to.

Me: I will whatever it takes.

OP: I will remain in contact just in case. Optimus out.

After that conversation I went upstairs to warn the others but they didn’t believe me. The following night I went downstairs once again only to discover the father had come downstairs and touched the Energon. I watched in horror as an electric force tore his body apart and absorbed it. I quickly ran and got out of the house as fast as I could as the Energon spread rapidly throughout it killing everyone inside.

The neighborhood was mostly wreckage and burned down houses and I contacted Optimus as soon I was far away. Minutes later the house fell apart and four Decepticons the size of buildings emerged in proto form. All I could do was hide and wait for Optimus but inside I was having hallucinations of watching flesh being ripped apart and turned into Cybertronians.

I woke up just as Optimus arrived to take me to safety and suddenly that was when Megatron and Starscream appeared from the sky to welcome the new ‘cons into their cause.

I know what you’re thinking: Random Decepticons added to this dream like the ones in Revenge of the Fallen, yes those ones were awful, they were just drones and pretty much 90% of all ‘cons in the movies had no character development except Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. But don’t worry, if this dream were to continue tonight, I would imagine my brain would decide to give those new Decepticons name and personality.

Megatron’s plan would be to turn humans into ‘cons to join his cause so they harvest all massive Energon supplies on Earth, return to Cybertron and restore it to its former glory where the Autobots are forced to either surrender or die basically.

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting movie? One more robot-focused, the Autobots are treated like characters, the Decepticons have character development, Optimus remains his compassionate self, and the lead human female character (ME!) doesn’t have a sex bomb appearance, is meant to have an actual role, and contributes to the war rather than just play as the eye candy for the audience.

See what I did there? It would be almost perfect to make up for what heartbreaking things Bay has done all these years.


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