Childhood Terror

Finally, FINALLY! I have something to blog about! Ever since the beginning of August it’s been so difficult to come up with things to write about other than a weekly metal song, planned posts based on what I’m doing with my down time like video games, or what’s going on in my life in general.

In the summer what tends to happen is I get bored and don’t blog unless something happens. I can’t write about The Last Stand until next week. I find that it’s a lot easier to come up with something to blog about during the school year because there’s more going on.

So, this post idea hit me during my day off when I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark yesterday evening. I love the Indiana Jones movies and was first exposed to them when I was probably 10 or 11 years old. I liked them but the only problem I had as a kid was that there were many parts in them that scared me back then that obviously do not scare me anymore. Some were so terrifying the first time I saw them that I would leave the room during them if watching with my family, until now.

There are so many scary moments in movies that scar us for years before we muster up courage to watch them when we’re older and realize they’re not as bad as we think they are.

But, if I had to choose three from my childhood that scared me then it would have to be:

1. The opening of the Ark

I might as well start with this one since this movie did inspire me to write this. This was the first Indy movie I saw and there were a few parts that scared me the first time as a youngster, but this part was definitely the tipping point. In these movies, there’s always going to be something gory or disturbing that happens related to whatever artifact Indy is looking for. 
Sure there was the ritual that worships the Hindu goddess Kali and what happens if you drink out of a false grail instead of the Holy Grail, but opening The Ark of the Covenant still tops this.
I’m no religion expert and I don’t want to spend too much time doing research on this artifact to make sure the info I write here is accurate so I’ll have to summarize.
When this scene started I had a bad feeling about it because there already were some scary stuff that led up to this already. This was going to be the worst that would prevent me from watching this scene from the years to come. You’re meant to see this like you know something bad is going to happen; at first the ghosts floating around don’t seem too bad until that pretty one’s face changes and they are angels of death. That was when I got scared.
Even though Dietrich’s face is priceless, I must admit that those bolts of lightning that struck through the Nazi soldiers didn’t scare me as much as watching Dietrich’s face shrivel, Toht’s face melt, (there are so many GIFs on the Internet of that now, go look and see for yourself, ugh….) and Belloq’s head explode. After that I was just horrified as a kid about how brutal it was, so brutal that every time I watched that movie for the next several years; I would always run upstairs once it began and come back down as soon as everyone save Indy and Marion was dead.
Only a couple of years back did I finally manage to sit with a pillow to watch this scene. No I did not bury my face in the pillow! I clutched it in front of me and watched with my eyes open the whole time and realized it wasn’t so bad after all. It ain’t CGI either and I guess I’ve seen worse like someone torn apart by hooked chains in Hellraiser!

2. The Rancor attacks
This monster might have scared children of the 70’s a lot. It scared me too to the point where I couldn’t watch this scene until the Rancor was dead. 
One thing that always scared me as a kid is whenever some creature attacks, opens its mouth, and then it covers the entire screen. If that’s used in cartoons however, that’s a different story. It took some time but I was eventually able to watch this now that I like monsters and scary things.
I remember only one nightmare I had related to the Rancor and I think it had something to do with when I was running from it and got trapped inside this room where the walls were closing in around me.
What kind of sick thug leader feeds his slaves when they displease him or trespassers when they threaten him?
3. Unicorn blood
By now I’m thinking this scene should be something that’s satisfying than scary now, since I don’t like unicorns. Don’t ask me why; if I write about that, this site will become a new hate target for a certain subculture and their pathetic little…………never mind.
Since Lord Voldemort didn’t seem to have a physical form at this point; he’s using Quirrell to carry out tasks for him such as these. See the blood dripping in the darkness and that awful sound that is heard when he looks up from drinking unicorn blood. 
There’s not much in the lore except the fact that drinking unicorn blood can make you live a cursed live even if you drink it on the brink of death. It was just that one part where Quirrell/Voldemort looks up from drinking the blood that scared me, and then after that I was able to watch this scene as a kid. 
Not a problem anymore obviously, but I wish that there was more into what sort of cursed life the drinker will live, I doubt it has anything to do with storing fragments of your soul in Horcruxes.
But hey, if slaying a unicorn is illegal in the Wizarding World then so should slaying dragons….coming from a dragon lover such as myself who will take a dragon as a pet over a unicorn any day if these creatures existed!
And those are the memorable moments from movies that I was too afraid to watch as a kid. If you have any other than Disney please don’t hesitate to share!

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