First Reach then Fall

I love my flying dreams, almost more than I love dreaming about my favourite musicians and fictional characters.

But the one thing I hate is when I try to fly in a dream and I either fall to the ground or don’t fly high enough.

Since flying seems to give us the feeling of freedom when our brain starts up again at night, it’s upsetting when we try to kick our feet off the ground and are unable to reach the heights we want to.

In some dreams I’m trying to fly but there’s all these obstacles in the way; wires, buildings, etc. I think it was mostly the wires. If you’ve ever been in downtown Toronto on Queen St. there’s wires connecting everywhere for the streetcars to drive along. If I had a dream where I was trying to fly there, you could imagine me trying to get through all those wires just to reach the height I want.

A lot of failed flying dreams I have taken place in my neighborhood. There was a time where I had a dream where my parents weren’t home and for some reason I had a sitter, but I hated him. So I snuck out and tried to fly up and escape. All these wires were in my way and they’re not easy to overcome.

It’s hard to explain how you get your body to rise higher into the air if you’re flying because you don’t have wings. Speaking of which, I’m not sure if the dreams I’ve had with wings were more fun than the ones without. I always tend to look at it as the higher I fly, the freer I feel, especially if I sing too!

With this one last night I had no obstacles in my way and I was already off the ground but had a lot of trouble getting higher to at least the canopy in the trees.

I think the meaning behind this is when you try to fly but you can’t get high enough; you’re struggling and you will fail before you succeed, just like what happens in real life.

This reminds me of how last semester I discovered after taking one of my final lab exams that my final mark wasn’t enough to pass the course. I will be repeating it at the beginning of 2017 and this time I believe I will pass.

You know what they say, if you don’t succeed, try again.


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