Fandom Clashes and Dogfights

This dream is going to be like, the peak of sci-fi related ones that I remember that I have written here.

There have always been clashes between certain fandoms out there and the biggest one is definitely Star Wars and Star Trek.

I’ve been a loyal Star Wars fan since nearly my entire life, Star Trek I’ve grown up hearing about and have had some exposure but never have I dug deep enough to consider myself a devoted fan. I don’t know much about it but there are things in the franchise that I have caught my eye. That’s usually the more fast paced stuff!

In this dream, I was flying a fighter over a planet but just on the very edge of its atmosphere; like just at the end of the thermosphere.

Think of it this way. In the PS1 Star Trek Invasion game, there’s a mission called “Bad Attitude” where you fight in atmospheric combat alone against those enemies with those OP-torpedoes.

This was the same thing almost. I’m not sure how it started, but you could say the dream could begin with me enlisting to be a pilot in the war, I never found out what sort of fighter I would be flying: A Valkyrie or an X-wing?

Personally. I would prefer to fly a black Jedi starfighter with pink streaks. That’s what I hope to give Emi Takori.

Although Valkyries have some good weapons though

I was flying around the planet’s thermosphere and then that bright star appeared in front of me indicating that ships were coming out of light speed. Then several Valkyries came on one side, X-Wings on the other, and Cardassian fighters from the furthest way. I turned to my six to see Vulture droids come up from behind too.

What happened next was a full on dogfight. The Valkyries and the X-Wings went at each other and then I dove into the battle attacking the Cardassians. Their plasma fire was coming in all directions as I spun in evasive action and fired back. That’s when I realized that my fighter was a combination of both franchises; it was a Jedi starfighter with laser beams, torpedoes and plasma rounds that were seen in that Star Trek game. So was a double crosser caught in the crossfire?
Hard to say because I’m a bigger Star Wars fan than Star Trek (I do want to get into Star Trek it’s just hard to start and maintain since it’s not as fast-paced as Star Wars, which is what I’m used to generally in sci-fi)
After evading and destroying several Cardassian fighters, I found myself being fired at by the Valkyries and I was trying to avoid them and the X-Wings. I didn’t want to destroy them, but at the same time I didn’t know which side to choose!
I spun around and flew in loops and circles for a long time just to evade their shots and then I saw the perfect target: 
Now that is what I call the perfect target!

A single TIE fighter in the middle of the war zone. Just like me, it was the odd one out; I guess that’s why I decided to go after it! I swooped towards it and began firing my red laser beam and it quickly sped away. 

Then that was when the Vulture droids took notice of me and started firing, so you can imagine me having to spin to the side to evade their shots while chasing after that single TIE fighter. It was tough to stay on its tail due to how fast it maneuvered, and occasionally it would turn around and fire at me. It turns out that it had Star Trek weapons on it too; what a coincidence, two Star Wars fighters in a dogfight…in the middle of a bigger one with Star Trek weaponry. 
The battle raged on and on and through it all I never caught and destroyed that TIE fighter. But I think one message behind this dream is that these two fandoms clash frequently. I’ve never got involved in any of the arguments because I don’t know which side to choose; although if I had to there’s a 99.9% chance that I will choose Star Wars. Plus it’s also a waste of time to get involved too.
Still, me and whoever was in that TIE fighter, we were both people who liked both franchises regardless of how knowledgeable we were of each. Hence that’s why we had a combination of ship appearance and weaponry from both sides and engaged in our own little dogfight rather than being forced into picking one over the other. 
I started attacking the Cardassians first because I didn’t know what to do; that was when the Valkyries and X-Wings fired on me to get me to choose and then the Vulture droids made a final attempt to intimidate me when I had already chosen my target.
Like I said: don’t join the clash between two fandoms. So what if you love one more than the other? Enjoy both no matter how long you’ve been a fan, how much you know, etc. 
That being said, this was a really cool dream!

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