Not the Needy One

I find with social media, if you’re using it to promote yourself or something you are making; a lot of people tend to ask others to check it out.

It can be through any sort of way: comments, notes, etc. in order to increase traffic, feedback and so on.

On occasion I have left a note to people on here to subscribe, send me requests for Metal Monday but it’s not something I constantly remind my readers to do.

I tend to be the type of writer who likes to let followers decide for themselves what they want to do when they view my content. On Wattpad I sometimes leave notes at the beginning or end of a chapter for certain reasons, but never have I thought of putting one at the end of every chapter to encourage readers to vote and comment.

As much as I would love to know what people think of my current story that I’m working on; I most certainly do not want to force (or have it seem like I am) people to comment on my content. Personally, when something gets really big; the more prone it becomes to negativity. Sometimes one of the leading causes of that is when you bug people to check out your stuff….and if they don’t like it…boom you know what that means.

This morning I discovered The Warlord’s Prize hit 1k reads and I was flattered. The other two stories I have written in the past two years, finished, and kept on Wattpad indefinitely……they did not reach that number of views until I had completed them. What seems to be going on with The Warlord’s Prize is it’s got gritty/dramatic moments, mature content, and my ability to portray Shan Yu as what he would be like if he had more development realistically and historically accurate. The results from that is, I have attracted a bunch of anonymous readers who enjoy the story too other than the 4 people who have been voting on it regularly after reading.

That is where it comes to the point where I wish that those reading my story should make themselves known to me, as long as they are positive. However, as a writer I should let them decide when they want to do that, even if it means I will not gain followers, votes, etc. as fast as others.

One time I got a private message on Wattpad from some guy who asked me nicely to read his current story and he said he’d do the same for me. Inside, I thought that was being a little too needy because I prefer to let people read my work if they wish. I let them come to me instead of asking them. Not everyone likes it when you ask them to look at your stuff, even if you have no intention of pestering them. But, since I’m a nice person, I read his story and voted on each chapter to give proof that I was following his request, and because the story itself was quite interesting. However, I had no idea if he was returning the favor because he did not vote or comment on my story….whatever one he was reading. Like I said, you don’t know who is reading your stories on Wattpad until they vote or comment.

I feel that if you let people come to you, it shows you’re not a needy person who requires attention all the time and you publish your writing, art, YouTube vids, etc. for yourself and not for the purpose of gaining popularity.

At the same time it doesn’t hurt to still share your work in other places. I am a member of over three blog groups on Google+ yet I never ask people in them to click the link to the latest article I publish here. If people check it out, great, if not then life goes on. Sometimes in the long run, long time readers will eventually reach out to me and I can only hope that happens on here and on Wattpad.


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