Prepare Yourselves for the Arrival

And here we are at the final Mass Effect 2 DLC before we move on to the ones from the third game.

I always save this one for last because it’s more connected to the starting events of the third game.

Because how else will the Reapers walk through our back door?

We get a call from Admiral Hackett that scientists have found evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. The head scientist has been captured by batarians in the system shortly after reporting this to the Alliance.

This is obviously pretty serious stuff if they think for sure the Reapers will arrive through the mass relay where Dr. Kenson went missing. Now you get to be a lone wolf in this mission and that’s a challenge because I’ve always found the combat in this game to be the most difficult. After a few tries I managed to score the achievement of finding Kenson without being spotted. Stealth has never been my strong suit but I’m slowly getting better.
With all these DLCs we know for a fact that someone is going to betray us and/or die out of the blue.

The minute I saw the Reaper artifact out in the open in that facility on the asteroid near the mass relay; I knew that Kenson and all the scientists were indoctrinated.

If you are having visions from Reaper tech then that’s a common sign of indoctrination!

I’m not sure what that is, some metal tentacles growing out of the ground?

When it comes to the showdown in this particular room, it’s not as tough as it seems so long as you’re quick to react when your shields go down and stay in cover. I’ll confess, I didn’t think I was allowed to use medi-gel in this game unless one of my squad mates was down during the first time I played through this game. That was until I realized that if your HP drains but you get in to cover at the last minute. The tricky thing that I also hate about ME2’s combat system is you can’t see both your shield/barrier and HP at the same time so you won’t know how much HP you’ve lost until your shields break again.

However, in the last two times I’ve played this game, I managed to defeat all the waves of enemies and the artifact did its thing severely injuring my Femshep.

After that the combat between now and the end of the DLC is definitely challenging since you’re on your own. But basically Shepard has decided if you had to choose between blowing up a relay by making the asteroid collide with it or letting the Reapers arrive through it, what would you do?

Yeah, so I think everyone knows where this is going. After Kenson blows herself up with the reactor, I think it’s safe to say I saw that coming

Every time I get outside the facility I just want to take out my trusty particle beam and burn everyone in my path, including the mech. so I can reach the communication hub or whatever it is. Sure there are more powerful heavy weapons in this game, but I’ve always preferred the particle beam for its accuracy and capacity.

And this ladies and gentlemen is the highlight of this DLC: You get to talk to Harbinger…..well sort of. If you do this DLC before the suicide mission it’s just the Collector general possessed by Harbinger, but do it after and you talk directly to Harbinger. Harbinger’s voice is epic, no wonder its done by the same actor as the Didact.

For being the biggest threat and pretty much the leader of the Reapers, we never get to see it much so it doesn’t have much development in the trilogy. It may be a machine but it’s still technically a character. I only wish that the conversation in this DLC was longer but then again of course it’s short because the asteroid’s about to collide with the mass relay!

When you meet with Hackett about what happened in the aftermath, it’s no wonder I realized that ME3 begins with Shepard grounded. The Alliance obviously didn’t take too kindly to all the batarians that died from the massive explosion. It’s not the system where the batarian home world lies, but I guess it’s safe to say it’s was mainly a batarian colonized system. The last thing humanity wants is war with the batarians right?

That concludes the DLC rambles for ME2, and up next is ME3. I’m only going to be focusing on the DLCs in that game that affect the story as I’m in this fandom because of the lore. Don’t get me wrong the multiplayer DLCs are great too but the lore comes first for me.

As always pyjaks and primitives, look forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Prepare Yourselves for the Arrival”

  1. So. Stumbled upon your post on Monsterboard, noticed you posting Mass Effect and finding Bionicle characters from your lists. That's like the holy trifecta! Simply put, you got yourself another reader.I agree that the Harbinger talk was the best part of the DLC. Looking forward to your thoughts on ME3. There's a quite few things to say about that one. Gonna catch up on your previous ME posts as well.


  2. Ah, you must be @Mr_Killjoy on Twitter; I noticed you followed me recently. I think I’ve seen you around the Monsterboard but I don’t recall. I assume you were directed here by the link to my blog in my forum signature but then again I’m not certain. Anyway, thank you for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy browsing and reading my previous stuff and stuff I have yet to publish on here in the future. In fact, I’m planning a special dedication post tomorrow evening about my five favourite bands, so you might like that.I only have one Bionicle post on here so far and it should be under the “memories” category if you’re looking for it…unless you've already found it. 😉 Yes you should read my other Mass Effect posts, the truth is I wanted to write my thoughts about the trilogy forever but since there’s a lot of ground to cover in talking about it I procrastinated for years hahaha! So far I’ve done rambles of the three games themselves and I’ve tackled DLCs up until this point so the next one I’m going to write about is “From Ashes” that ought to be fun.


  3. Yeah, this was all a lucky forum signature discovery. I'm the guy who's always clicking those in hopes of finding something new!Gonna take a few days to fully catch up on the ME posts. Enjoying them so far, though! Also nice to stumble upon so many good artists in your writings. You have a fantastic taste and the perfect words to describe what/why you enjoy things. Keep it up!


  4. Oh no need to rush, take all the time you need to read my ME posts. Yep I write about my favourite bands too such as the dedication to the top 5 which I just published, and you may have noticed I try to pick a metal/rock song every week to talk about. Thank you; always appreciate people telling me to keep writing. Writing on this blog makes me feel free as it’s my own place 🙂


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