Not a Prothean Artifact…..A Prothean

Wow, we’re already in to the DLCs from Mass Effect 3, this is where the good stuff comes. If you’re boycotting this game because you’re unhappy with the endings then you’re missing out on a lot.

So, I’ll start this off with From Ashes which I always tackle after completing the mission on Mars and going to the Citadel.

This DLC is best off doing as early as possible seeing as it’s like a dossier mission. It’s worth your time for sure.

First we learned about the Protheans on how they were an advanced race that rose to great power across the galaxy 50,000 years ago….we believed that they created the technology such as the Citadel and the mass relays. But only then did we learn the truth that that technology was made by the Reapers who wiped out the Protheans.
Then in ME2 we learned that the Protheans were harvested and transformed into monsters enslaved by the Reapers, known as the Collectors; like their DNA was altered or something in the process.
After learning all of that, we finally get to know the Protheans as a species and meet one of the survivors of their annihilation.
There’s not much I can really go into depth about this ramble because it’s basically a dossier mission, but I like how it takes us back to Eden Prime and we get a lot of backstory about the Protheans when they fought against the Reapers. 
Prior to releasing Javik from his life pod, Shepard is exposed to visions of Javik’s past where he is seemingly the only Prothean who managed to stay alive and within cryo-stasis since his pod was never destroyed.
I still have much to learn about the Protheans so I’m only going into the basics with this post. When Javik wakes up, I think it was perfect to have him get one final flashback before of where he enters his life pod and the final lines are heard:
“You will be the voice of our people.”

“I will be more than that,”

It takes a while for Javik to get used to being in the present time set in this game, but he is certainly wise about what he knows from his cycle, and funny too. Hence all the memes and funny interactions that Javik has with the other characters. This is why I take him with me on almost every priority mission in this game. I love what he says in the Citadel DLC when Shepard falls through the fish tank from that sushi restaurant. He even laughs too! (I can’t wait to write about that DLC by the way)
Over all there’s not much to say but I was pretty engrossed when I finally remembered to investigate and ask Javik about his people. I often forget that because whenever I play this DLC it’s when I’m starting the play through and tend to binge a little and want to hurry and finish up the DLC because I’ve been playing for too long and it’s getting late!
Recruiting Javik is definitely worth your time and it’s about time that BioWare released this so we could see a living Prothean in a flesh. Now I always bring Javik onto the Normandy before I go to Palaven.
Up next is the DLC Leviathan.

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