Magic Duels for Treasure

I think this dream combines a lot of Disney elements both new and classic, plus a tiny bit of Star Wars.

I don’t know how it came up, but it was one of those random dreams that has no particular meaning. My flying dreams always seem to have to do with something where I am trying to escape and feel free, and then there are those which I feel trapped.

I am typing this from my laptop downstairs for a change and it feels so weird not having it connected to my Ethernet cable since I am soon going to have an actual computer in my bedroom really soon, and just in time for college no less.

When this dream started I was thinking of Peter Pan and Oz The Great and Powerful which Disney made as a prequel to the original classic.

We were hunting for these treasure chests inside some sort of obstacle course that combined the looks of a grocery store and a carnival. The hunters including myself; we all had a combination of magic powers from different movies. It was not until I began my search for the final chest did I remember what my powers were.

Each chest was cleverly hidden in any obstacle guarded by someone we had to defeat in order to claim it.

Me and one of my allies I had made…and his appearance reminded me of Wendy’s younger brother John from Peter Pan. We were working together to find the black chest; the hardest of them all and we searched and searched until someone told us it was underneath this tent that led us underground.

I challenged the guard right away and learned that I had a combination of the force, lightning and a magic wand that made mist.

So what was I? A mix of Glinda, Palpatine and Evanora?

I don’t think Glinda had much power in this movie, and the only thing we see her do in the original is float inside a color changing bubble and undo a curse.

There was no telling if we claimed the chest in the end, but I know that duel was challenging. I prefer a lightsaber over a wand but still…

I haven’t made any of these dream articles in a while because I want to save them for the really good dreams, why can’t the good ones occur more often?


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