One Step Outside and You’re Mine

Well I managed to squeeze in the time to write this dream article after settling into my workload for this semester. I felt like I had to share it because this dream was a big one and the big dreams always have a great story behind them!

I don’t know why I have dreamed this again, only this time from another one’s perspective but I can’t tell if it’s a sign of something or not.

In the dream, my friend Brayden and I were staying in Paris for a couple of weeks, and after we got unpacked we decided to explore the streets. There was lots of music playing as crowds were gathering in the town square near Notre Dame for the annual festival.

Sound familiar? Oh yeah it should.

We wandered into the center of the festival and I caught glimpse of gypsies practicing for their performance. I applauded and gave them some money; in fact they seemed so grateful that they offered to have me perform with them on stage. I accepted the offer and decided that I would sing.

Clopin introduced us and I began to sing Angels by Within Temptation. The gypsies didn’t have electric guitars or anything needed for a song like that, but somehow their instruments still fit and my voice captured the crowd.

Well…maybe not everyone….

Yes sir! Although I don’t think Phoebus was looking at me like that.

I didn’t have to guess that Frollo was sitting in the chair across from the stage on the other side of the crowd. Somehow I knew it was him, but wow; first I dream that I’m his daughter and now I’m the person he develops strong lust for instead of Esmeralda?! This is crazy, but at the same time I kind of like Frollo as a villain now thus making him my second favourite Disney villain…what a surprise that he surpassed Ursula. No no NO he’s not my type (and he’s too old for me…even though he’s got such an awesome and intimidating voice….well done Tony Jay, R.I.P) so he’s not gonna become a crush like Shan Yu. No chance in hell!

As I sang I think he found my voice enchanting but of course he denies it using his bad case of xenophobia as an excuse.

After I sang, instead of putting ugly looking people onto the stage to be the new king; Clopin looked around the crowd to pick the new King of Fools. It turns out he was pointing at Brayden with his eyes closed; so they proceeded to crown him until the guards started throwing tomatoes. I could never watch such a horrible thing happen to a friend of mine so I got up on the stand and yelled at everyone to stop.

Frollo wasn’t too pleased with my actions and ordered me to get down. (if he hates gypsies, I guess he hates all other foreigners too). I’m a strong woman like Esmeralda, so I freed Brayden, and well you know what happens after that. Then I unleashed my dragon master form and of course Frollo’s reaction is too obvious:

Then I flew away before the guards could catch me and decided to seek shelter inside the Notre Dame. Brayden and I were alone at first exploring the place. We didn’t know that there were guards right outside the church waiting for the opportunity.
I shouldn’t have to go into deep detail because everything that happens until after Frollo starts to feel lustful and warns me that if I step outside I’ll be his…..yep this dream is almost literally the movie.
After he failed to seduce me, I angrily ran upstairs to the higher levels in the church where the bed chambers were. None of them appeared to be occupied so I took the nearest one and threw myself on the bed weeping like their was no hope. So yeah, this is where things in the dream get different.
I wept for hours on the bed until nightfall and gazed out the window to see the black fortress across the city. Somehow I knew that was the last place I wanted to be. 

Dawn came and I wander the cathedral searching for a way to escape. It had to be something that wasn’t direct with all the guards. Then I heard a noise and scolding from outside like “Hey! You’re not supposed to be down here!” I went outside to investigate and saw a shadow disappear behind a wooden door.

It led me up a narrow staircase and at the top I found myself in the bell tower. There in the corner was Quasimodo sitting shyly in the corner knowing I was there but too afraid to speak. I approached him slowly and told him I wasn’t going to hurt him. Brayden came up behind me and once Quasimodo noticed that we weren’t afraid of him because of his deformity he opened up to us.

We told him that we were seeking solitude in the church because of what happened at the festival. Brayden wanted to hide for a while after being humiliated, and I wanted to do whatever it took to avoid Frollo, even if it meant living inside the church forever. I mean come on, if he managed to get a hold of me in this dream; I’d be living in his monastery and I would probably be forced to dine and share a bed with him. I would wake up next to him and disgustingly turn away. I would not converse with him at any meal and most likely wolf down my food to get away quickly. I would try to avoid him all day by doing chores or hiding somewhere unless he left the monastery. Not the sort of life for me!

Quasimodo warned us that Frollo visited him daily and they would eat together. I feared what he would do or say if he saw me up in the bell tower with his so-called son since he didn’t want anyone to know about him. I was also afraid that he would claim me right away even if I hadn’t set foot outside the cathedral.

All in an instant I changed my mind and needed to escape. So Brayden and I devised a plan to be out of the church before dawn the next day. We spent the night in the bell tower with Quasimodo and met his gargoyle friends Laverne, Hugo, and Victor, and we enjoyed chatting and laughing the whole evening.

An hour before dawn we woke up early and Brayden snuck out of the church’s back exit and I flew off the balcony between the towers. We didn’t stop nor did we look back, and as I flew West from the sunrise, I heard shouts and screams echoing from the city and that definitely had to be Frollo’s guards ready to hunt me down.

That was when I woke up from that dream, and I will tell you that if this dream continued; we would be out of Paris but elsewhere in France on the run from Frollo and his men until they were dealt with, or Frollo’s lust for me makes him succumb to negative energy and join Naga. Not sure if he developed lust for me in this dream because I was carrying the Infinity core, or just because I was young and beautiful. Either way, definitely not good.

Now I wish I had those three rings that he wears on his fingers for some reason. I always want such weird things in my life!

Alright, I better wrap this up because I have another class tomorrow and would rather not publish this too close to bedtime!



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