Girlie Side Unleashed!

Okay so I’m doing a bit of multitasking here because I want to get some homework out of the way so I can work on The Warlord’s Prize tonight. I’m due to start another chapter and my readers are already pumped as hell for the next because they know what’s going to happen!

But I really felt the need to squeeze in this quick post before I forget so…boom here it goes.

Today while I was reviewing the work for my online course, my mom wanted to go shopping to get some things she needed so I accompanied her to the mall to get out for a bit.

After wandering around Hudson’s Bay and unfortunately returning a dress there I liked but was overpriced..my mom said she had to get something at Sephora. She read my mind!

I remember the first time I walked into that massive cosmetic store a month ago with her, and there were so many makeup brands to choose from; it was overwhelming. More than half of these brands I had never heard of! Then a few days ago I wandered back into the store because I was looking to get some new eyeliner and then I stumbled onto a shelf for a brand that I thought had the cutest products ever. They were called Too Faced and everything just had a cute, sexy, bonbon-like appeal to it with all the heart-shaped stuff and candy/chocolate names. So I grabbed some eyeliner and to be sure it would be suitable; I let one of the ladies working there try it on me. Everything worked out pretty well so I left the store with a bag!

So, today I was hoping to get some new blush and eye shadow and found the perfect products from Too Faced just waiting for me!

When my mom saw the chocolate bonbons box she asked me if I was buying a chocolate bar!

Such adorable products. My advice to you ladies: If you ever walk into a makeup store and can’t decide what brand you think will have something you like? Here’s the solution: find the one that is the most visually appealing to you. Are you all about cute stuff, elegance, basic, etc.? There’s no way they’d have anything sci-fi themed or gothic but aside from that, I like cute stuff, so brands that name some of their products after bonbons can catch my eye too. Then of course most of you will want to test it before you buy!

The blush I just somehow knew was meant to be a colour for me. It was either that or the darker pink that was too intense, or the orange which wouldn’t suit me other. Once one of the specialists put it on me, she said it was perfect; went well with my natural face. So I was right all along.
You know what I need to do? On one of my days off I should just have a little makeover session and try different colours with the eyeshadow. In fact it came with a guide with a few looks to start with so that’s on my to-do list now.
Yeah, so now you know my girlie side a little. I almost never wore makeup in all my life. When I used to take ballet, my mom had to help me put it on when I was getting ready for the first and only recital I would participate in. It wasn’t until my late high school years where I started to wear makeup more often. I think I used to refuse to wear it because it was something I was against; believing that you were using it to cover up your true natural beauty, and perfect yourself when there didn’t seem to be the need for that because nobody is perfect. As a result, I was always insecure because I had bad acne and all the girls around me looked like they had none. The reason for that: they were wearing lots of makeup, especially foundation.
Once I got older I learned that wearing makeup isn’t about hiding your natural beauty or concealing your flaws; but upgrading it in a way no matter how confident you feel without it. It doesn’t mean natural beauty is bad, it just means that you want to glow on the outside, this is a way that makeup can intensify that. For years I have sucked at applying it but I’m slowly improving since I wear it more often, plus now that my period of serious/resistant acne is over, I can put on makeup for the sake of looking prettier rather than for hiding a breakout.
So, now my confidence and change in opinions about beauty have boosted/improved, and I’m happy that it has. It’s also nice that I enjoy girlie things aside from heavy metal and nerdy stuff eh?

2 thoughts on “Girlie Side Unleashed!”

  1. Oh yes I know about Kat Von D and I've been eyeballing a few of those products on the website for quite a while now trying to decide if I should buy some online or just check it out in the nearest store. As of right now there are so many lipstick colors under that brand that I've fallen in love with. I love Too Faced and Stila but Kat Von D is definitely next on my list of products to try!


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