Breach the Darkness

Continuing on with the ME3 DLC’s, up next is Leviathan.

I was really excited to play this one when it was released because I knew that it would reveal to us more about the Reapers and the kind that came before them.
They considered themselves to be the only apex race in the galaxy; seeing themselves as more superior than other races. Eventually they hid and preserved themselves deep underwater to observe the Reapers’ harvest cycle. They would also erase all evidence of their existence too and even brainwash people to prevent anyone from discovering them.
There’s so much deep lore in here and since I’m juggling my writing and school, I don’t have much time to go deep into all of it, so just my own thoughts of the story will have to do.
Upon first playing this DLC I was a bit confused with the story because anything to do with Reapers is very deep and sometimes hard to follow. I had to read articles and watch videos just to understand what. I wasn’t expecting Bryson’s assistant to suddenly get brainwashed and shoot the doctor. Some people in this game die too quickly!
But then, searching around his apartment for clues to narrow your search can be a bit interesting. On my last play through, I hadn’t even started the DLC yet, and I was scanning planets between missions to find more war assets and then found anomaly on one of them. Once I launched the probe, EDI informed me Garneau was not located in that system. Uh….EDI, you’re thinking too far ahead, I’m not even there yet!

Anyway, I like how for the first actual mission in this DLC, we aren’t always in a little war zone, we have to make our way through creepy brainwashed territory.
Feels like everyone on that rock had been hypnotized by the Leviathan

For some reason, my least favourite mission in this DLC is when we have to rescue Ann Bryson. It’s like a maze of falling buildings on a cliff side; a lot of climbing up and down just to get to where you need to go with more Reapers chasing after you! Perfect……although it’s nice to see some paintings of the Leviathan on the wall.

I also enjoyed talking to Garrus between missions in this DLC, because even if the conversations aren’t length and don’t involve any physical infection; he still was openly expressing concern for my Femshep, especially when she gets in the Atlas and begins the dive.
Another great thing about this DLC is if you enjoy the multiplayer objectives in this game; you get to do some of them in the DLC too! Like the time you have to escort the drone which seems to be everyone’s least favourite objective in the multiplayer matches. Also on the aquatic planet you get to run back in forth with a package; which isn’t entirely like delivering the package to the LZ but similar if you know what I mean.
All the hype walking on the ocean floor and descending deeper only gets you more excited from here on.
Once you actually start talking to a single Leviathan, I should have expected it would mess with Shepard’s mind and talk to him/her through the bodies of other humans that have either helped or had previous encounters with it to explain what they knew about the Reapers. I was disappointed when they said the cycle would continue and they wished to remain in seclusion. But thanks to Shepard’s special persuasion abilities, the Leviathans have now agreed to help in any way they can such as turning Reaper forces against each other! *ahem* a Sovereign class Reaper gets taken over by them and it falls into the ocean.
Over all, very deep lore DLC, and I’m sorry if I’m just summarizing my personal thoughts rather than analyzing the story itself like most of you do. This is just how I do things here!
Only two more to go!

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