3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me

This trend on the Internet has been going on for about a week now and I kept telling myself, “What are those three characters that describe you the most?” I delayed in sharing my own results because I thought that I would never be able to pick three.

Finally I have my results based how I am. Behold:

So why did I go with Optimus Prime, the Didact, and Atomic Betty? Well at first I didn’t think I was going to be able to do this one right since part of me just wanted to choose characters I am in love with. That of course wouldn’t do because what if the character’s personality is nothing like my own?
So first off, no surprise it’s Optimus. I’m compassionate to living things, I want peace in this world, and I believe in diversity. Optimus no doubt believes that as well, he doesn’t want war no matter what kind of war that is. War doesn’t always mean shooting and killing; it can also mean discrimination and harassment to a specific race or group with certain sexual orientation. I have respect for people no matter what makes them different. Optimus isn’t biased on anyone, when he comes to Earth he doesn’t care about it as long as he protects humanity from the Decepticons, without them getting too involved in their war they wage on Earth. I am a strong advocate for equal rights for both genders and all races; diversity at its finest. That is compassion in a flesh.
The Didact represents the unique side of me. At first I didn’t know how he would but he does. He’s underestimated by many in the Halo universe and the fandom. He stands out in his own way being the only living biological Forerunner we get to see. Aside from that, he has his own view of the world just like I do for someone being on the autism spectrum. Even though what he does to humanity is heartless, he believes it gives him a sense of nobility. He is also unique because he has his own tactics for battling against the humans and the Flood such as his “star-hopping” strategy. How many Forerunners do we know who did that that weren’t under his command? So in a way, he does things his own way and has a different perspective of things than most of those around him. I’ve always been the one who believes and does things that are not the universal ways/opinions of society. For example, it has become a mainstream thing that people hate spiders. I on the other hand don’t mind them, it’s centipedes that I find creepier! Another example is I prefer to go to conventions, concerts and amusement parks when spending time with my friends rather than go to the bar or formal parties with wine and dancing, regardless of my age. The Didact and I both have different preferences of how we like to do things and how we view something, that makes us unique.

Atomic Betty is a cartoon I grew up with and I loved the show just after seeing the first episode. I haven’t seen the entire series but Betty is definitely like me. She’s a total space cadet not just because she’s a Galactic Guardian, but when she’s back home going on with her everyday life, she still yearns for something better. Sometimes she withdraws into her own world by doodling aliens, reading sci-fi comics and often wishing she’d rather be in space stopping crime when something on Earth isn’t going well. (A perfect example of that would have to be when her rival Penelope Lang is annoying her……one of the few cartoon mean girls I despise with a passion) Anyway, I always find myself withdrawing a lot when I’ve got nothing to do, am under stress, or just need a break. I imagine myself as all my identities in every universe that I love from a Jedi Knight to a Sangheili Supreme Commander.

So what are your three fictional characters that describe you?


PS: If I could choose more than three I would have included Mulan because she and I both defy gender roles, as well as Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls since we both are smart and focused on achieving great things.

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