Politically or Musically You Decide

This has been something I’ve wanted to let out for a while and since the presidential election is next month, I have to say it.
This isn’t a rant about my own political views. You know me, I like to keep that to myself on all social media platforms, because all it does is stir the pot. Then the aftermath leaves everyone upset, infuriated and unfriending/blocking people for something as little as a disagreement in who they’re voting for, if black lives should matter as much as whites (and I think yes they should matter as equally), or what government on the planet is the worst. You want to know what my stance is on the election or my beliefs of gender equality? Then talk to me about it in person or send me a message because I won’t be sharing it online on your feed to trigger a war with the people who might disagree with me. That is also another thing my mom taught me; don’t engage because it will only start a fire.
It seems that the problem with society is that we are so quick to let someone else’s political or religious views determine whether it is right or wrong to idolize that person. It could be a singer, actor, or athlete. As soon as that famous person shares something such as their stance on gun control, or who they’re voting for; fans go in to an outrage. Some of them even turn their backs on their idol, all because of THIS?

I don’t agree with all of Dave’s political views (whatever they are) but that’s not going to stop me from continuing to enjoy Megadeth’s music!
The more popular the figure, the crazier the fans get if they disagree with them. For example, I saw on Katy Perry’s Instagram; a photo with her between Bill and Hillary Clinton. Generally, with pop music fans they tend to post such regressive tweets and comments such as “queen”, “bitch”, “fuck me” etc. seriously? Anyway, after seeing those typical comments on the photo; fans started arguing over who was the better candidate, and some of them who would rather vote for Donald Trump lashed out at Katy declaring that they were no longer fans of her.
See how fucked that is? No matter how much you love Katy’s music, or you’ve seen her live, why for the love of R’hllor would you give up EVERYTHING you love about her just because she’s voting for Clinton instead of Trump? A celebrity’s political views shouldn’t have any impact on whether you remain being a fan or not. 
In Katy’s case she’s got millions of other loyal fans……and hopefully some of them out there aren’t as juvenile. So she won’t even notice anyone leave stupidly. I bet you any amount of money that they’ll come back eventually!
It’s not just in pop music, I’ve seen it in the heavy metal community too. In fact, yesterday someone posted in one of the Sabaton Facebook groups a screenshot of a post on the band’s official page from 2 years ago. A fan was outraged that the band visited Israel where they played a show and visited the IDF base. The fan expressed clear signs of anger and offense saying the band brought big shame on Sweden for supporting Israel. Sabaton didn’t take the fan’s angry approach lightly, in fact Joakim Brodén himself responded to that outraged fan and I quote:

“We always have, and always will perform our music where our fans want us to play, and I don’t give a shit about your or anyone else’s political agenda. Where there are fans, we will play. Their religion, political views or the color of their skin doesn’t matter to us whatsoever. So [redacted], do your propaganda-war elsewhere and keep us and our music out of it.”

My reaction to that response couldn’t be any more accurate:
Joakim nailed it with that response, and it goes and shows you that some smaller bands/artists who are able to interact with their fans more often, take more notice of the ones who take everything they do way too seriously. If I was a singer who wasn’t at stardom yet, and some fan approached me angrily online just because I performed in a highly Muslim populated part of the world; such as Indonesia or Turkey. Then I would address them pretty much the same way Joakim addressed that particular fan. I would also remind that fan that they shouldn’t let my views of diversity prevent them from enjoying my music. (God I hate Islamophobics) In fact, why should you? What really matters is you enjoy what this person/group does to entertain you right? That’s what bands and singers are there for: To entertain you.
One of my friends is a fan of Twisted Sister. Their front-man Dee Snider endorsed Trump, my friend didn’t like that, but hey he’s not letting that stop him from idolizing Dee musically and enjoying the band’s music and concerts! 
Gene Simmons also endorsed Trump much to my dismay, yet here I am still listening to KISS and all my favourite songs that Gene sings on the albums I have. 
My point is that if you’re just going to throw away your position as a fan of someone famous when they decided they’re voting for someone else, provided support for a poor country in need or whatever, then I think you are making a poor choice. Think about the positive things that the person you idolize has done for you. Did they put on an amazing concert that you were at, donate to charity, or visit a fan that was suffering from terminal illness? (In fact I remember hearing about when the band Florence and the Machine paid a visit to a fan suffering from cancer and they played for her since she couldn’t attend their concert!)
Their actions and views will not, I repeat NOT all match your own. However, if you do see them say or do something that you don’t agree with it, you need to stop and think is this something really worth throwing away all the support I’ve given them in the past? If the answer is no….and it most likely will be no, then therefore it is stupid to stop being a fan over someone you idolize just because they did or said something against your own political and religious views.
Sadly, most people are so blinded since there is no law on the Internet that enforces how you react to when someone’s views don’t match your own. So that’s why they constantly rant online about their strong views, feeling the need to lash out at their own idols, and sometimes abandon them for a small contradiction. It goes too far sometimes that the famous person has no choice but to report it, delete their account, or even hit the block button. Like the time Daisy Ridley made a post about anti-violence and hundreds of followers started bashing her and a flame war broke out between pro-gun people vs. gun-control people. She deleted her account not long after.
Not all celebrities will react this way however, some will just ignore it and move on, unless it gets really personal for them. Not only are you throwing your love for them away just because of a disagreement that shouldn’t impact your status as a fan; you are also ruining it for them and for the rest of their fans that prefer to stay positive. Enough is enough.
Thank you Frollo. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
I’m not saying you should support EVERYTHING your idol does. That’s what Justin Bieber’s fans do (well…not all of them but yeah) what I’m saying is, instead of getting so upset when your idol does or says something against your political/religious views; don’t give up on them because of that. Remember there are many other things they do and say that influence and entertain you. Someone else’s political and religious opinions do not make up who that person is as a whole. Does the fact that Dee Snider wants to vote for Donald Trump make him a bad person that no one should strive to become like musically? No, it doesn’t.

One of these days all those idiots out there who abandoned their idol just because of political contradiction will one day look back when they’re older and think: “Gee, how stupid was it that I chose to let THAT define my place as a fan?”

When that happens to those within the pop music community, then there will be hope for the future. I don’t care if your idol is Selena Gomez, Sidney Crosby, or Leonardo DiCaprio. Love who you love, but don’t let their opposing political and religious views take away your love for them.


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