Helloooo!!!! *voice echoes from inside a giant bell*

Yes it’s me again, been a while since I blogged due to college commitments once again. However, the next two days are study days so there are no classes for me in order for them to align with Canadian Thanksgiving.

I don’t think it really counts as a reading week in my books yet. The last two days have been really good for me and it’s a sign that this semester is going well compared to the last.

Yesterday I aced my prescription orders that I had to dispense in Institutional dispensing lab due to all the time I put in to modifying them, and I am pretty much done the ones for next week. I still find myself checking them everyday for errors. Accuracy is a must! If I find any more issues within the next 24 hours I might have to use one of my study days to go up to the campus and fix them.

Today is Joakim Brodén’s birthday so I went to school in my sparkly Sabaton shirt with the camo pants I bought weeks ago. My signature outfit is almost complete, it just needs the Sabaton S wristband. Thank the Panzer Battalion those wristbands are back in stock on their website, I ordered myself the golden one a week ago. I can’t wait until it arrives, I’ve been wanting one of those since I learned they wear them on stage. I blasted Sabaton on shuffle to and from the campus, but I find that the way it was shuffling the songs on my way to the campus was way better. My iPod decided to play a lot of my favourites first, and even did Dominium maris Baltici and The Lion from the North together as it should be. In fact yesterday, when I was just let my iPod play shuffle for all my music, it started with Primo Victoria. Perfect.

Also I bought a few albums and one really vital arrived today.

Looking forward to listening to Lordi’s new album which I might do tomorrow evening; hopefully it’s not a disappointment this time because I feel like Scare Force One I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. The Holographic Priniciple is also on its way home too.
I’ve decided to cut back on the cosmetic shopping no later than tomorrow. It seems more than half of the things I’ve tried at Sephora didn’t work. A lesson needs to be learned here and it’s not just try before you buy to avoid wasting money: it’s also, don’t suck yourself in to trying/buying too many, because soon you’ll have so many options that you’ll be overwhelmed and maybe half of them you won’t even like! That was the case with all that lipstick I bought. Liquid (matte or not) I can’t adapt to them due to how dry it is all day long even if it does last longer, and the classic form of lipstick just transfers everywhere. My lips appear to be sensitive and picky it seems
I’m going back to those Revlon lipsticks I get at the drugstore. Not only are there some colours I’ve tried, bought and loved, but it also works like lip balm. I think I’ll just save a place like Sephora for more one time application per day such as eye shadow/liner and blush; since those are the only things I’ve bought there and have worked out for me.
Since I get a teeny bit of time off until next Tuesday, I was thinking of using that (when I’m not studying or doing assignments) is to finish up the Omega DLC article and get back into writing The Warlord’s Prize. I feel like I’m long overdue to publish a new chapter and I have been working on it in bits and pieces now that the semester’s workload is building up. The last chapter was very convenient that I got it up in the middle of September since things were still really light. College is always like that the first month of a semester, but since it’s October now, more of my time is being crammed with work since I’m trying to make up for some of the losses and somewhat low marks I got last semester.
Well, I’m off to also write a little rant about something I’ve been talking to my friend about at lunch today, and I think it needs to be let out.
In the mean time here’s the Rampage medal to indicate the amount of shopping I’ve done in the past four weeks:

4 thoughts on “Rampage”

  1. Aww I'm sad you didn't like a lot of what you bought from Sephora. Makeup is honestly such a personal thing. See, I love matte lipstick so much more than stick because I find “wet” lips smudge a lot on me. Our biology definitely plays a part. 😁Enjoy your Thanksgiving (and your new music grabs!) ❤


  2. Yeah, it was all those lipsticks there that didn't do anything for me 😦 which really sucks and the mascara too. But the eye shadows, eyeliners and blush that I got there, I love them ❤ been using them ever since the day of purchase. Lol yep we definitely have different preferences when it comes to lipsticks. I like balms that have colour to them and you can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart. Not sure if Sephora sells anything similar yet. In fact there's one colour I've been meaning to buy again that I know you and one other person liked.Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving too!


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