Uptight Saturday Night

I’m spending tonight having some well-deserved relaxation while I still can. The next two weeks are going to be really busy since I have my one and only midterm next Friday, followed by a mandatory math exam that everyone in the program has to pass to graduate.

Well not to worry, I’ve been approaching this semester with this kind of attitude:

Once everything calms down again, I’ll get back to working on my major writing projects. Oh wait……I’m gonna have to work around two group projects as well. I’ll find a way! 

As I write this, this is the third time I’m listening to The Holographic Priniciple, and honestly this album is amazing. Of all the Epica albums I have purchased, this one actually has more than 4 songs on it that I like. 
I’m drawing tonight, and it’s already done! Just needs color, and you know when I drew Shan Yu earlier this year and showed it to my family, they thought I traced it. No I do not trace, what I like to do is put up a picture of the character I’m going to draw and try to copy it into my sketchbook. 
Remember my post about the stages of developing a new fictional crush? I asked y’all who you think the new one is for me and gave a few somewhat obvious hints. Well, if you said Judge Claude Frollo, you are…..CORRECT!

He’s impressed that I admitted it at last……good God I am insane and I will call myself that until I meet someone else on the Internet who feels the same way about him.
Yes you can find him on my page of fictional crushes all the way at the bottom. No, my reason for liking him has nothing to do with his hatred for gypsies, I’m not racist and I NEVER will be. Basically I like him because he’s an interesting character with a lot of depth, and Tony Jay’s voice makes him sexy! *buries blushing face in a pillow* If he was still alive I would have drawn him a picture of Frollo and got him to sign it at a convention. Yes I’d do the same for my drawing of Shan Yu if I met Miguel Ferrer, who is thankfully still alive.

Ooooh I love Dancing in a Hurricane on this album! It’s so beautiful…..*swoons* uh-oh here come the goosebumps, that’s a good sign!

Alright, time to color in my drawing and post it where I always put it. Don’t look for me on Deviantart if that’s what that place is called. I have no interest in joining that place, it’s probably just as toxic as YouTube. I post my drawings in an album on Facebook, and on Instagram when I can. I really need to draw more often; I was drawing so much when I was a teenager, what the hell happened? I still enjoy doing it!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish this drawing and enjoy the rest Epica has to offer me tonight.


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