How Can I Protect You Unless You Always Stay In Here?

Several months ago, I wrote about a dream foreshadowing my discovery of another Disney movie to love, and a new fictional crush. That article was known as Escape from the Bell Tower

I concluded that article off with the possibility that that dream could have been a lot darker. Well, it looks like that thought became true last night.

It seems that my most recent Disney dreams are two different stories; each of them are originated from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The first set is where I live in the Notre Dame cathedral as a child and have been taken in by Frollo who raises me as his daughter.

The second set is where I am a singer who captivates the crowds of Paris (like Esmeralda does by dancing) and Frollo develops lust for me where things go almost as the same in the movie until after Frollo expresses that lust.

This dream is like a darker version of the one I had where I was his daughter; just a little girl in the Notre Dame but not restricted to just the bell tower. I haven’t read the book yet (and I plan to, don’t worry), but in this dream, Frollo was the archdeacon there. This is almost like a nightmare so to speak, so perfect timing since it’s Halloween!

Sweet mother of God I think I just found a new wallpaper! This’ll be perfect once I grow bored of my palace of justice one

I was allowed to roam the cathedral freely and everything seemed perfect. I would wander about listening to other people come and go as they liked to confess, pray and do whatever they did. Frollo would educate me on the ways of God, telling me the Notre Dame was my sanctuary. As naive little girl in this dream, I believed him and said to him I would never leave. I loved my home in the cathedral; the beautiful stained glass above the altar, the sound of the bells ringing every morning and night, the architecture, every gargoyle, and of course the people.

Sometimes I asked him why I couldn’t go outside, and he told me that the outside world was full of witchcraft and unholy demons that must be destroyed as they were corrupt. They were spreading lies about the ways of life and it lead to eternal damnation. He was afraid anyone within the cathedral would be exposed as well, but he never told me who these “corrupt” people were.
That did not stop my curious heart though. One day at the altar while Frollo was visiting the palace of justice, I saw a family praying and lighting candles. I watched from behind one of the pillars as they sang songs I did not recognize and then I slowly approached. They were gypsies: A mother, father and their son younger than me. The little boy suddenly stopped when he saw me and ran over inviting me to join him. I was reluctant at first since Frollo was so cryptic about who he thought posed as a danger to me but then I decided to participate.
I followed the boy to the altar and his parents taught me the gypsy prayer. I recited the words, I sang, and I lit the candles, wishing for them to feel welcome and always have sanctuary when they needed it. But as they were leaving, all I saw in the doors as they opened, was Frollo standing there rather displeased.

For the next few moments of the dream which felt like days, Frollo’s mood changed. He was no longer compassionate nor wanting to teach me ways from the Bible or whatever it was he wanted me to learn within the cathedral. He withdrew and soon I would catch him in his bedchambers praying constantly to the Virgin Mary that he wanted to be saved from someone. I did not know who. When he wasn’t doing that he would pace around the room; and his mood would change instantly. Sometimes he was crying like he was at war with himself. Then he would suddenly become angry and would yell and curse throwing things against the wall. I ran back to my own bedroom and shut the door.

A few nights later there was a thunderstorm without rain and I lay in bed awake gazing at the wall. The door creaked open and light footsteps were heard across the floor. I heard a voice in the shadows and lay still gazing at the wall listening: “My own child has fallen under the spell of the gypsies. If I am to go to heaven I must vanquish this unholy demon they have laid within her.”

A shadow cast against the wall and there was the dagger above him ready to plunge down into my flesh. I screamed, rolled off the bed, and made a run for it to the door. He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back but I kicked him away and fled down the hall. The church was dark and I ran as fast as I could without looking back. However, I was not thinking which way was the way out into the city. I heard him behind me with a sword and I ran faster. I threw open the wooden door at the end and scrambled up the stairs, without stopping no matter how much I slipped, and across the bridge outside. It was pitch black and the thunder crashed violently as I found myself in the bell tower.
I did not hear Frollo behind me at first but I quickly climbed up a ladder and then ran across the path between the massive bells until I came to the largest one and ducked below. “Where are you child? You cannot avoid the fires of hell! This is the only way I can save you before it’s too late!” Frollo’s voice echoed from below. Terrified to be killed by my guardian, I gripped the massive bell’s clapper and climbed it into the darkness clutching the rope tightly so that it would not swing.
Frollo’s footsteps drew near and I waited for him to leave, but he did not turn around. I climbed higher on the clapper and then I saw him right below me; sword in hand and even from my view I could see hatred and corruption in his eyes. He looked around in the darkness under the bell for me, and from that moment; I realized he thought I was under a gypsy spell, and the only way he could save himself from it was to kill me.
Then he left and I waited until his footsteps faded. I quietly slid down the clapper and came out of the bell. If he was truly gone I had to get out of the cathedral and as far away as possible. I made my way down the stairs and ran across the bridge towards the other tower when he seized me from behind making me scream again. He pulled out the dagger once again pointing it at my heart, “Such futile resistance for a demon!” I heard him say, and then I elbowed him in the gut, ran into the other tower, and continued to climb upward with him hot on my tail. I slipped on the stairs once again and he kept grabbing my feet. I continued to kick him away until I reached the very top where I ran to the edge. 
From here you wish that I could fly again just like in the other dream but that was not to be. I gulped and then he came charging towards me with both his sword and dagger knocking me to the ground making me scream once again. I begged him but he didn’t listen, and I looked into his eyes now burning yellow with hatred and malice. Lightning flashed across the sky and the thunder crashed louder than the bells. His dagger rose above me flashing in the lightning and I shut my eyes.
That was when I woke up from this nightmare. As scary as it seems with one of my newest fictional crushes trying to kill me as a child in this dream, I actually enjoyed it. Sometimes nightmares can be exciting depending on what happens. 
Even though now I would much rather have a dream where I am my own age, and end up falling in love with Frollo as I stay at the palace of justice with him, (hmmm, maybe I’ll eventually have that dream, and/or I will write a short story about it that Brayden helped me with), still a dream about a character I love, is a dream I want to remember, no matter how dark it is.
So there’s a scary story just for you! Happy Halloween!

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