Metal and Make Up

Today was a difficult day, and I was hoping that it would be better. Nothing is worse than finding out that you put all your effort in to something only to fail it.

I wanted to spend some quiet time in the sleep lounge on campus but of course it’s so tiny that it’s always occupied. It’s impossible to find a private place when feel down. However, I shouldn’t let that discourage me from giving something my best effort even more when I’m given another chance to do it.

But the good news is that some band merch and tour announcements just made this day not so bad after all.

Built to Last indeed!

My pre-ordered copy of HammerFall’s new album due to be released this Friday arrived today. It’s nice to see Napalm tries to be more punctual with pre-order shipping. So, I get the sweet pleasure of enjoying the album two days earlier and since this is my first Hammerfall purchase, this’ll definitely increase my liking of them since I’m a newbie. I also ordered a T-shirt to go with it, but Canadian customs are hell and they hold your stuff for days. Grrrrrr, well I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.

And….wait for it…
Please excuse me while I go cry on the bed happily

YES YES YES!!!! Sabaton is coming back here on the 27th of April! Headlining no less….about damn time! Plus it’s right around the end of the semester so another good-planned gig to look forward to. I’ve been considering getting VIP for this one as well since Sabaton is another band that means a lot to me. This time when they roll into town, I’ll be prepared! I hope Joakim likes my tank earrings!

Also, I should mention this now before I publish the posts related to it. In the middle of October I was doing a small side-project other than writing. It was time-consuming but it’s not usually something I do. I was inspired to do it from a cosplayer I ran in to. I won’t reveal what this is just yet until I have the creations in my hands, but here’s a hint: when I love a certain character, sometimes I wish to have a piece of something that reminds me of them. So, stay tuned….
It’s nice when something I love comes and makes my day better when something goes wrong, god I love my metal.

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